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Comment Mom's basement (Score 1) 736

You could not live alone. Live with family.

I thought there was a "mom's basement" stereotype against adults who live with family other than spouse and children. In addition, some careers tend to be concentrated in cities where one might not happen to have family. For example, good luck working for a U.S. video game developer and living with family if you happen not to have family who live in Austin, Boston, or Seattle.

Comment Re:MSVC vs. MinGW (Score 1) 242

if ms' s compiler is freely available

When Mozilla Application Suite (now SeaMonkey) and Phoenix (now Mozilla Firefox) were first being developed, there was no such thing as Visual C++ Express.

then there's no obligation

There's no legal obligation. But requiring a paid compiler, as Mozilla did before Microsoft introduced Visual C++ Express, does shut out much of the public from participating.

plus the scripts used to control compilation and installation

I'm not so sure of the extent to which Microsoft allows Mozilla to distribute "the scripts used to control compilation and installation" of a Windows 8 style (formerly Metro) application such as Metro Firefox, especially when such "scripts" may include private code signing keys.

Comment Stopping the alleged Microsoft hate (Score 1) 413

Now most of Slashdot comments consist of lame karmawhores like tuppe666, tepples, MightyMartian and bmo competing with each other to post the most puerile anti-MS drivel and modding each other up in the echochamber and shouting down anyone who points out their over the top hate and idiocy.

I want to make my comments less hateful toward Microsoft or anyone else for that matter. Please clarify what I should change in a comment to this journal.

User Journal

Journal Journal: Am I a Windows 8 Hater? 3

Mystikkman claims that I've been posting messages perceived as unjustly hateful toward Microsoft. I would prefer to express my feelings without hate, but sometimes I have the wrong idea of what is hate and what isn't. Please point out which of my comments are hateful and why so that I can understand how not to post next time.

Comment MSVC vs. MinGW (Score 1) 242

That's not an instance of the scenario I mention, why do you bring it up?

As a way of beginning discussion about the difference between the scenario you mention and the scenario I mention. Mozilla and PSF ship open source code alongside binaries that cannot be produced with only free tools, as opposed to binaries produced with the MinGW version of GCC.

Comment At which brick-and-mortar store? (Score 1) 357

I imagine that a lot of people are going to want to inspect a device before they buy it, especially if the device takes user input. It's the same reason that the major console makers have their consoles on display in brick-and-mortar stores such as GameStop and the video game departments of Walmart and Best Buy: it makes the potential customers aware of the product and its capabilities and ergonomics. Sure, online-only sales are possible, but I don't see how an online-only strategy could attract a critical mass of customers to make the platform attractive to developers.

So today I went to Walmart.com and BestBuy.com and put each of these products into its search box. GameStick, Mad Catz Mojo, Nvidia Shield, GamePop, and JXD came up with nothing relevant. Archos GamePad showed up on both Walmart and Best Buy, but only as "ship to store: 5 to 7 business days". Then I tried GameStop.com. It drew a blank on Mad Catz Mojo, GamePop, Archos GamePad, and JXD. GameStick had "Release Date 9/30/2013". Nvidia Shield showed up out of stock online and 100 miles away in PickUp@Store.

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