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Comment This AC thinks it's remarkable (Score 1) 271

Because it ships with a gamepad and has a case designed to fit in next to a television.

Neither of those is terribly remarkable in this day and age.

If you'd believe an Anonymous Coward's side of this story, then shipping with a gamepad and being marketed for use with a TV are remarkable because they are beyond the lowest common denominator for PC gaming. Is this AC right or just full of crap?

Comment Name to list in app's system requirements (Score 1) 161

Linux distributions have distinct names

Listing all Linux distributions in an application's "system requirements" would require excessive space. This means there's a need for a precise name for the set of Linux distributions that support Gtk+ and/or Qt userland as opposed to only the Android userland. Would Qt/Linux or Gtk+/Linux be more accurate?

Comment How to refer to Linux distros that aren't Android (Score 1) 161

If you must err on the side of brevity, GNU/Linux is best

I need brevity because there are plenty of Slashdot users who repeatedly point to Google Play Store as evidence that there are plenty of games and other commercial apps "on Linux". So is there a shorter term for Linux-based systems that aren't Android or embedded?

Comment "free Linux-based OS with a multiwindow GUI" (Score 1) 161

The "it" you are referring to doesn't need to be referred to at all.

It does when "free Linux-based OS with a multiwindow GUI" takes up the majority of a 50-character "Comment Subject" box. You need the "multiwindow GUI" part to distinguish the multitude of Linux distributions for desktop and laptop PCs from Android and from Linux distributions designed for servers.

Comment Re:Unless the game gets an update (Score 1) 271

I agree with you that it's not likely to be a big practical issue. Back when those games came out, the MHz race was still on; it's a cores race now, and cores require more rearchitecting of the engine. And once hardware comes out, there'll be a lot more pressure on Valve not to issue breaking patches for existing games sold when that hardware was still on shelves.

Comment What are "free software friendly games"? (Score 1) 271

I can think of three things that "free software friendly games" might mean: games that are themselves free software and free cultural works, games that are free software but require the purchase of mission packs (e.g. Doom, Quake III), or just games whose graphical complexity is low enough to run on a pre-Haswell Intel IGP (the desktop GPU with the most complete free driver). Which did you mean?

Comment A game that I do own (Score 1) 271

If I buy a typical retail game console, I can't run a game even if my team created it from the ground up, wrote every line of code, drew every sprite. Instead, I have to satisfy a console maker's arbitrary and expensive demands in order to do that. Unlike a typical game console, a PC or OUYA console lets me run a game that I do own.

Comment Couch multiplayer (Score 1) 271

It's a game changer because of perception. Unlike a typical desktop PC, these are designed from the ground up for the living room. Instead of a huge tower, they come in a sleek consumer electronics case. Instead of a mouse and keyboard, they come with a gamepad and encourage users to buy and connect more for couch multiplayer. And instead of having to build your own, they come with the convenience of being able to use out of the box.

Comment Cracked's 7 Commandments (Score 1) 271

I expect most larger game publishing firms demand that you do not build in features to the game that allow you to buy less copies per person.

David Wong of Cracked would agree with you. But are there documented cases of couch multiplayer being cut from a PC or console game so that the publisher can sell multiple copies to one household?

Comment Couch multiplayer games for PCs (Score 1) 271

Seriously, they just port the same code over anyway, why the hell can't you plug two USB game controllers into a PC and play a local multiplayer match? Never seen a single game support that

I'll show you more than "a single game". Street Fighter IV supports couch multiplayer, as does the (2 years delayed) port of Mortal Kombat (2011). So do a lot of the games on this page and on another page that nschubach pointed out. Look for indie and amateur games, as their developers are less likely to have console licenses to fall back on.

Comment It's about gamepads and Big Picture mode (Score 1) 271

Why though does it need to be a Steam Box if it's really just a PC with SteamOS on it?

Because it ships with a gamepad and has a case designed to fit in next to a television. Your average PC has a massive case by consumer electronics standards: it makes Microsoft's infamously "XBOX HUEG" consoles look like a Wii or a PC Engine. It also ships with a mouse and keyboard and is marketed for use at a desk with a 19-24" desktop monitor. This is not the best fit for the sorts of games traditionally played on televisions, especially games that allow offline multiplayer using multiple gamepads. SteamOS and Steam Machine appear to be efforts to get more controller-friendly, Big Picture-ready games onto Steam.

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