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Comment Re:Unless your engine already supports OpenGL (Score 1) 182

Because its not even beta quality yet, much less ready for Joe Public? for every game you have that "just works" in wine you have a good hundred that MIGHT work in wine IF you have the ability to "massage" the game. this massaging often involves a shitload of hoops and CLI, and Joe Public? Is lucky if he can make a shortcut, he sure as hell isn't messing with CLI.

This is the problem that FOSS advocates simply refuse to accept and I have a feeling valve is gonna find out the hard way....just because YOU think something isn't complex does NOT mean that Joe Public will feel the same!

Until you can remove 100% of the CLI mess from wine, in fact until you can remove damned near 100% CLI mess from SteamOS? Its not gonna fly as the first time Joe Public is told with a straight face "Open up bash and type" its over, they are going back to Windows and furthermore are gonna tell a dozen people how bad SteamOS sucks. And before anybody brings up Powershell don't waste my time, its a SERVER TECH and is NOT used on the desktop. in fact I dare you to show me a single OEM of Windows Home that comes with PS. You could remove CLI from windows tomorrow and the vast majority? would never know it was gone, in fact around 2006 HP had a desktop whose image had no "run" nor did it have any way to access the CMD unless you knew the path...ever hear about it? probably not as it was a home unit and the only guys that ever noticed were guys like me that had to work on them!

While I appreciate the work the Wine guys have done they have a loooong way to go before Wine is simple enough for Joe public, for Joe to use it he has to be able to stick in the disc, go "clicky clicky, next next next" and have it work EVERY TIME, or at least work enough that the few times it don't he thinks its his fault. Wine just isn't anywhere close to that point, sorry.

Comment Re::Living Room? (Score 1) 182

This might be a local term, but what do other places call a 1BR-1BA apartment?

If that's all that's in it, and the "kitchen" is part of the bedroom, then it's a studio. But I had a 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom 600 sq-ft. apartment in Austin with a living room with a semi-separate kitchen. The toilet and shower were in a closet more or less, the sink was in the bedroom, and there was a washer-dryer stack in a literal closet with hookups in. I was happy to pay $600/mo for it since it was five minutes' walk from work. People asked me if I was crazy to pay so much. I explained that I was from California, where $600/mo gets you half a house in shitsville, a room in most towns, or half a room in a big city like SF.

Comment Which Asian language? (Score 0) 182

You may find that while the US and Canada are not the market majority when it comes to mobile computing.

I was under the impression that US and Canada put together were bigger than GB, Ireland, Australia, and NZ put together. Otherwise, you have to translate your game into multiple languages and hire voice actors in each language.

Asia will in fact be the biggest market.

Which Asian countries? Each seems to speak a different language. The only language that "Asia" has in common with Western Europe and the Americas is English in India. Is wireless coverage in India that much better than in Indiana?

Also I didn't have to buy a controller for my tablet since my PS3 controller connects to it via Bluetooth.

You had to buy a PS3 controller, but I see your point: those can be found cheap on eBay now.

Comment Provided people already own a PS3 (Score 1) 182

I think bfandreas's premise was supposed to be that a significant fraction of mobile gamers are likely to already own a PlayStation 3 console and the controller that was bundled with it. Support in Android games for the Dual Shock 3 will satisfy PS3 owners but not people who own an Xbox 360 (which uses proprietary RF instead of Bluetooth) or a Wii (whose remote Google broke in Android 4.2) instead of a PS3.

Comment Re:Natural selection (Score 2) 618

Sorry but any teens shooting codeine and gas into their veins? not gonna be worth anything to anybody but the prison industrial complex. i live on what is called "the meth highway" so I see this kind of shit all the time and even if they quit meth after only a few years? they still have lifelong mental and physical problems and usually end up on disability or homeless.

So sorry anybody that is THIS hardcore when it comes to getting high? Not gonna be useful down the line.

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