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Comment Re:So .... (Score 1) 178

According to TFA that is a big YES, there was a "handler" that stood between the devs and Lucas and she would actually force them to REHEARSE what they would say, just to make sure it wouldn't offend George's delicate sensibilities.

If you haven't seen it go to Red letter Media and look up Plinket reviews Indy 4, that video has a LOT of behind the scenes stuff and you'd be amazed how many BAD ideas Lucas pushed for, it was only when Spielberg said "fuck it" and just let George do what he wanted that indy 4 turned to shit. For just one example for indy 3? he wanted it set in...get this...a HAUNTED HOUSE!! That's right, Indy meets Ghostbusters. the ONLY reason you didn't have that shit was Spielberg said "oh HELL no" but by the time of Indy 4 he was happy with a new grandkid and didn't feel like locking horns with Lucas.

Comment Re:So .... (Score 2) 178

But how much of that was "real" profits versus what MSFT does when they have a turkey and just shifting money around? I know that many of the triple A games they released in the last 4 years would have had to broken first day sale records just to break even, and with Riccitelo's single minded obsession with beating Call Of Dookie and Warcrack he had them sink just insane amounts into IP that went nowhere, not to mention shitting all over good IP like Deadspace by giving it "broader appeal" which translated into "make it more like Call of Dookie".

And then finally there is the shit icing on the fail cake, Origin. Many of us that actually bought their products won't anymore thanks to origin, hell I have keys for Sims 3 and Deadspace 3 from the Humble Bundle and haven't used 'em because of Origin, like GFWL its a crap service and has no chance in hell of competing with Steam, the prices are too high, sales too few, and DRM too big of a PITA.

So before I took their word for it I'd want a look at the books, just to make sure they aren't "spreading the wealth" from their frankly too few hits like medal of Honor to their flops.

Comment Re:Some things never change (Score 4, Funny) 83

Hell go read Gary Allen "None Dare Call it Conspiracy" from the 1970. That should be a decent eye opener for you.

Yep. Eyes fully open now. You're sending us searching in a honey pot to tag us innocent party-goers one 'uh them radical anti-establishmenterriorists.
Nope. Not falling for it. I'm a fine upstanding citizen. You're either trying to hide in the crowd, or maybe just meet your NSA quota so you can have an early vacation.

Hope you enjoy your trip either way; May you git-mo them fine Cuban cigars...

Comment Re:I can only say one thing... (Score 1) 317

When people first saw the diamond on the NES control pad, they said "The controller design is awful. Why the fuck would you get rid of the traditional joystick?"

Who is this "everyone"? And what is this "diamond"? When the NES control pad came out, kids had already learned to use the cross (or "D[irection] Pad" in the common parlance, which no one calls a diamond) by playing Nintendo's LCD Game & Watch series games. And gamers had already experienced flat game control pads on the Intellivision and Colecovision systems. You don't really know what you're talking about, so why do we care about your judgment?

Comment Re:I can only say one thing... (Score 1) 317

I never got used to using my thumb for simultaneous presses.

Don't try to press both buttons. Only try to realize the truth. Er, wait. Only try to make both buttons be pressed down. If your goal is to make the buttons fall and not to press on them with a finger then eventually your nervous system will learn how to slide the finger over to hit the second button.

Comment Re:The chemical industry disavows this nonsense. (Score 1) 67

"Chemical industry" isn't a thing that exists, is it?

Of course it is; the chemical industry makes all the chemicals that everybody else (including agriculture) uses. Major corporations include BASF, Dow and DuPont.

Let us not forget Monsanto, still the world's largest producer of a number of nasty compounds including glyphosphate.

Comment Re:TV gaming is for couch multiplayer (Score 1) 317

Only one person can be player 1 at a time. Couch multiplayer means up to four players are using one PC, one TV, and one account. Say you're playing Street Fighter IV with two joysticks plugged into one computer. Why should you need to buy two copies of the game for a 2-player match that takes place on one computer? Likewise with the split screen mode in Left 4 Dead.

Comment Re:This actually looks really unusable (Score 1) 317

where those phone games, "built around a new generation of super-precise haptic feedback, employing dual linear resonant actuators"?

Aside from resonant, which is irrelevant bullshit as far as actually controlling something with the pads is concerned, the answer is yes. Games were optimized for the Xperia Play, which means they had support for dual analog controls. That's precisely as "built around" this controller as most Steam titles are going to be. They'll work equally well with a Sony controller, which has most of the same functionality more or less, albeit with analog sticks instead of gimmicky touchpads. The Xperia Play also has dual touchpads and it sucks to use compared to dual analog sticks. Dual analog sticks won't fit on a phone, but they will fit in a console controller.

I declare Sony to be the winner of the controller design competition. The PS4 controller has tilt, touch/tap, dual analog sticks, and IIRC six analog buttons and two analog triggers. ObDisclaimer: Sony can go take a flying fuck in a rolling doughnut, and I won't be buying a PS4. I just think they have the best controller in this generation. I will be happy when they are available used.

Comment Re:This actually looks really unusable (Score 1) 317

Important difference here is that you have tactile feedback on your thumbs position relative to the center.

Not different. I have an Xperia Play. It has two trackpads which mimic analog gamepads. They have little center pips on them so you can find the center. They still suck to use. This will suck less because it's more ergonomic, but it will still suck.

Comment Re:That's incredibly creepy (Score 1) 311

If you expand the definition of rape to include anything you don't like, it will end up being a word with no real meaning at all.

O RLY? Origin: 1250â"1300; (v.) Middle English rapen . Try reading the definitions; the original meaning is still a valid meaning. I don't have OED access so I don't know when the meaning narrowed to mostly specify sexual assault, but that's what happened. The legal definition varies and often involves penetration, although those definitions are outdated and being updated.

Comment Re:Today's Slashvertisement brought to you by... (Score 1) 317

Are you TRYING to be foolish, or does it just come naturally? You CAN hold a book, buy it, and have it shipped to you and you CAN hold software when its on a CD or DVD, you can order it no matter the form, and you can have it shipped to you.

Meanwhile what she said is correct, this IS vaporware. Can you hold it? Buy it? Have it shipped to you? No, and just like the Foleo and MSFT Courier until they have them for sale somewhere its just bullshit and marketing.

Comment Re:Today's Slashvertisement brought to you by... (Score 2, Interesting) 317

I'd say its annoying because there are plenty of other worthy subjects in the firehose on any given day and instead of one of those we get a commercial.

But when it comes to SteamOS and the SteamBox there is a rotting elephant that nobody seems to be willing to talk in the world are they gonna pull off functional DRM in a FOSS OS without running afoul of the GPL? Are they gonna do like Google did and sink a billion into making their own GPL V2 only fork so they can use the "TiVo Trick" of code signing the DRM? Are they gonna demand boards that have TPM so they can use it against the user? How are they gonna pull it off?

I have read some say they are gonna just do it "like they do Steam on Windows" but I don't think that will work with a FOSS OS as you can always get the underlying subsystems to "lie" to the program by simply making your own recompile, something not possible with either OSX or Windows. They also can't use the kernel hooks that past DRM systems like SecuROM and StarForce used for the same reason, one could recompile the kernel to bypass it. Not to mention there are plenty of Linux hackers that hate DRM on general principle and will probably do everything they can to undermine any program that uses DRM. We have also seen this attitude from several of the devs of Linux who I wouldn't be surprised if their "updates" mainly break SteamOS. As one told me when I pointed out having updates break drivers was stupid "I hope we break every non GPL driver constantly!" because he truly believed a broken OS that was "GPL Pure" was better than a functional one.

So as a system builder while I would like nothing more than for this to work, as i think win 8 is an abomination and MSFT has always treated us like red headed stepchildren between this and the fact that a good 90% of triple A games in the last 10 years have been DirectX only? I just don't see how its gonna work, somebody really needs to do an interview with valve and ask the hard hitting questions. Maybe they have an answer, maybe they have cooked up their own GPL V2 only fork, maybe they have bought a good chunk of the Wine guys and have them working on a "clicky clicky" simple version of wine to integrate with SteamOS, I just don't know but I would MUCH rather read how they are gonna solve these VERY difficult issues, not read an oversized commercial about yet another supposedly innovative controller.

Comment Re:Only if unsuccessful (Score 4, Interesting) 326

The reason we pay so much for health care [blah blah blah, untested opinions and unproven hypotheses]. ... - basically playing with people's lives is stupid.)


Here, have another vantage point to consider, fool: Say you're an individual who has a serious medical problem..... "Nice life you have there, would be terrible if something happened to it. Better pay whatever the fuck we say, or you die." Given that folks who CAN pay WILL pay whatever it takes to not die, which direction do you expect such "free market" forces to direct the price regardless of cost to provide? Even if folks DO CARE how much living costs... So, I think there should probably be SOME kind of collaborative interest on the individuals' side because alone they have likely have little leverage when it comes to health care and that whole "divide and conquer" thing.

Personally, I'm not an absolutist. I'm a scientist. I think we should try a few systems out, maybe a few hybrid ones, in various smaller test areas. Gather some evidence as to what seems to work, and roll forward making examinations and modifications as we go along. However, governments and politicians and their moronic divisionist supporters are all NOT scientists and IRRESPONSIBLY roll out huge changes to entire countries without any fucking evidence at all.

So, when it comes to this sort of thing: Any change is at least an opportunity to SEE WHAT WORKS. Unlike you morons I don't have preconceived notions about what's best. I wait for time to tell. Sadly you all want to take the slowest and most dangerous route to country-wide or world-wide possible harm or success in every fucking debate.

TL;DR: Fuck all of you morons.

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