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Comment Re:And this is a good thing how? (Score 1) 169

Apologizing for any sort of censorship is naive.

I'm just not sure. But at least we're discussing it.

I'm tired of discussing it. All of what I've said above has been said to fucking death, and all of what you've said, too. Unless you have something novel to say, there is no value whatsoever in having the discussion.

Comment Re:It's news worthy but isn't at the same time ... (Score 1) 180

And yet it didn't seem to work very well with that drone the Iranians captured through GPS spoofing.

And yet there is still no evidence whatsoever that this is what happened to the drone. I trust the Iranian government about as much as I trust my own government, which is to say, not at all.

Comment Re:If not, you enjoy driving your car? (Score 1) 209

Your car was built by robots, yeah some parts are still done by hand. But a huge part of the manufacture process is done by robots.

Yeah, and somewhere between 5 and 25 percent of the pressure welds on those cars are inadequate, maybe complete failures, which will negatively impact their collision resistance and even their overall rigidity. Sadly, the humans aren't actually any better. Windshield seals are commonly applied incorrectly, and up to 40% of the force in a front-end collision is translated to the rear of the vehicle through the windshield — if it's glued in properly, that is. And you know the danger of making assumptions...

Comment Re:And this is a good thing how? (Score 3, Informative) 169

The thing is, we are all in favor of some sort of censorship aren't we?


I want child-porn blocked. For everyone.

And you don't care what else gets blocked along with it. And you're also a hypocrite, because you said "This discussion should be had extensively and without prejudice. Without sentiments like 'will someone pleeease think of the children'.

I want sites blocked telling people actively to be violent. The whole thing is, what are exactly the limits there, how do we establish those boundaries? And enforce them?

Well, you could ban such sites, and then you'd drive your Neo-Nazis underground like Germany has. Then you can pretend you've stamped them out, like they do. Or, you know, you could let people say crazy shit on the internet so that it's easy to find the crazy people.

Outright dismissing any sort of censorship is naive.

Apologizing for any sort of censorship is naive.

Comment Re:50 bil? (Score 1) 221

until we have developed the technology for cheap, reliable, safe and regular access to low earth orbit, space is simply not very accessible at all

It doesn't matter, because you don't need to send much up. We can do almost everything via telepresence. We're still dicking around doing "pure science" when every dollar on space should be spent on commercialization and exploitation. Yeah that's a bad word, but nobody will miss some asteroids, unless you miss a catch and they hit the planet.

Comment Re:good (Score 2) 616

Throughout history you will find that when the American people have been well-informed they have always made the right decision.

Bullshit. The American People have always had access to their representatives' voting records, and the majority of people say they want change, but virtually everyone votes for the incumbent which proves they don't. The American people can be exceptionally well-informed as to what their representatives are doing, but they just don't care.

Comment Misbehavior in multiple articles (Score 1) 55

anyways why would i bother going through a drawn out diplomatic process to add 7 words to an article?

Consider that these misbehaving editors are likely misbehaving just as much on other articles. If "going through a drawn out diplomatic process" stops these editors from camping articles, they'll stop camping not only the article that you're editing but also other articles that they had been camping. Then edits to the other articles that these editors had been camping will be more likely to go through.

Comment Re:Slowaris Delenda Est (Score 1) 154

You're both right. Because a normal vendor likes it when third parties redistribute their patches for them, and that's what's going on here. But since Oracle is now charging for those updates, because as it turns out they don't actually like being an OS vendor and all that entails, it's also illegal activity in just the way you describe.

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