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Comment Re:Overrated? (Score 1) 203

I have two WRT54Gs and a WRT54GS (note punctuation) and have run tomato on one of them. But one of my Gs failed and the other one is very short on flash so DD-WRT actually has more capabilities on it. Next time I see some at a yard sale I will be able to check the router database as I finally have mobile internet access, albeit EDGE only. At least it's cheap and on-demand.

Comment Re:wtf (Score 1, Interesting) 662

Did the public pretender tell you to plead guilty? Because in my experience a public pretender is worse than no lawyer at all, as all they are gonna do is tell you to plead guilty no matter what.

For those that don't believe me look up the conviction rate for those with public pretenders, last i checked it was even worse than for those that represented themselves.

Comment Re:wtf (Score 5, Insightful) 662

As someone who still has a 4 inch scar on the back of his head because of a cop that said, and I quote "Fucking niggers and God damned long hairs" allow me to say fuck you right back.

The days of cops being there to "protect and serve" are long gone and you are fucking high if you still believe that, what we have now is gang bangers with badges and you can stick your "citizen" bullshit straight up your ass, the country my family fought and suffered for? No longer exists.

Comment Re:wtf (Score 5, Insightful) 662

Too late, we already have free speech zones and nearly two thirds of America lives in constitution free zones so we passed that part of the slope a while back.

Anybody who doubted we were going back to "the age of the robber barons" and one set of laws for the rich and one for the poor? Here ya go, if your ass don't have a lawyer on speed dial you be fucked.

Comment Re:wtf (Score 2) 662

Bullshit, its giving cops more fucking loopholes is what it is. After all how many hours can they keep you before they have to fish or cut bait? Something like 3 fricking days? Well this gives them 3 days to sweat the hell out of any peasant that doesn't know the "mother may I" catch phrase to stop 'em.

Welcome to the USSA, where only the rich have rights.

Comment Re:And the point would be...? (Score 2) 73

say your roomate getting a partial mapping of what you look like naked under a door.... not quite as cool....

Naked under a door, I look pretty much like any other very tall, slightly overweight, going-on-middle-aged man with his clothes off and with a door on top of him. I don't see how confirming that I look vaguely like that is a major threat to my privacy.

the FBI having a general mapping of what rooms you go in in your house, how often...

Literally can be garnered from outside your house with fancy thermal optics and/or radio waves.

Comment Re:Canada (Score 4, Funny) 200

Actually the English spoken in the US is much closer to the "original", meaning the common dialect spoken on both sides of the Atlantic in the Colonial Era. I used to think American English was a slightly bastardized version of English, but it's just the opposite. It's really fun to tell that to anyone who is English.

The best part is that they drifted so that they would sound less like us. Talk about sour grapes: "Well, people sound stupid when they talk like that anyway, so now we're talking like this." Then they go on to use their new accent to tell us how to handle gun control.

Comment Handoffs per minute for vehicle passenger (Score 1) 203

Better WiFi (or WiMax, etc) should allow this eventually.

There are deployments of WiMAX technology, but they've been on licensed spectrum owned by cellular carriers. In any case, if you plan to serve people from a home router, how many handoffs per minute would it take to serve a customer in a bus moving at 30 mph (50 km/h)?

Comment Re:It's Actiblizzard's fault (Score 1) 463

Minecraft costs 1/5 of what a AAA titles does


yet kids play it for hours on end. Dozens of times longer than they'd spend on a AAA title

They might well replay the AAA title. Or just their favorite level. Most kids have a much higher threshold for boredom due to repetition. That's how the NES was ever a thing. I mean, Ninja Gaiden?

I guarantee you that the big publishers pressured MS in to the publisher requirement because it's a way to make sure that they remain the gatekeeper and games that give too much value for their dollar don't compete as effectively.

Microsoft may well have actually thought it was a good idea, so they don't have to personally deal with those unwashed indie developers.

Comment Overrated? (Score 4, Insightful) 203

OK, so it's not the best comment ever, but it's a fact that you can't just go to one website for all the devices supported by some variant of tomato. The plethora of tomato variants means chasing around the web to figure out which flavor[s] will even support your hardware, and if they have the features you need. DD-WRT (or for that matter OpenWRT) provides a single website which permits a quick compatibility check. DD-WRT in particular has extensive and well-indexed installation instructions for specific hardware. Tomato has none of that. If you don't think that's useful information, by all means, mod this comment "Overrated" as well.

Comment Re:let me get this straight. (Score 1) 203

But If I sign up for service just adequate to meet my needs any additional load (even if slower) is going to be felt.

Virtually no cable providers are selling the amount of service that their equipment can provide. There is headroom.

And if you happen to have an apartment next to a bar or popular restaurant you can expect your router to be busy all day with the overload of connecting and disconnecting smartphones and people soaking up your bandwidth.

Oh noes! It will have to handle packets!

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