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Comment Re:Servers need power, too! (Score 1) 146

A story I read once, no idea if it's true:

A mainframe at a university would shut down with no warning, usually a little after midnight, then a few minutes later power back up. Nobody could figure out why. Finally, some desperate grad students decided to sit and watch the computer in person and see what happens. And what they saw at the appointed hour was a janitor coming in and unplugging the power cord so he could plug in his vacuum cleaner.

Comment Re:space launch (Score 1) 45

A normal spacecraft takes a few minutes, and a few thousand kilometers, to reach orbital velocity. If you try to reach the same velocity right at launch, you'd crush whatever is in the spacecraft. Then there's atmospheric friction.

So I see two possibilities:

1. A slingshot (or cannon, rail-gun, etc) to provide an initial push, then use a rocket. More complicated than what they're using now, but you'd need less rocket fuel, which could be a big deal.

2. A rail-gun that's thousands of kilometers long, and reaches above the atmosphere. Theoretically possible, but way beyond current technology.

Comment Re:What the hell is wrong with americans? (Score 1) 709

Try putting an egg yolk in to stick them together instead of grease. IMHO tastes much better.

Egg yolk "instead of" grease? What the hell do you think yolks are made of?

You DO NOT need to add any binder to a hamburger. All you need is ground beef and seasonings. If you pack the patty tightly and cook it properly, it'll stay together just fine. For fuck's sake, does nobody know how to cook food anymore? We're not talking about some exotic preparation.

Comment Re:Go to mainland China. Try to find a fat man. (Score 2) 470

If you're going to go for a "low calorie" substitute, use a natural one like agave.

Agave syrup is mostly fructose. Ain't nothing "low calorie" about it. It's not a sugar substitute, it's sugar, period.

There's a traditional Mexican preparation whose name escapes me at the moment. They ferment the agave, then distill it: this process removes all of the harmful sugars, and leaves only the healthful components. You should check it out when you get a chance.

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