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Comment Re:You've got to admit (Score 2) 314

Well, yes and no...

The bureaucratic bullshit (BBS) is roughly proportional to the size and the age of the organization. There's nothing special about govt work that makes it more susceptible to BBS... except that the govt is much bigger and older than most companies.

Shit, imagine working for the Vatican. They're a worldwide operation, and they've been at it for 2000 years. When St. Peter was doing all the hiring personally, it was a lot easier to get your foot in the door.

Comment Re:God bless the free market! (Score 2) 386

Should they end up in an emergency room, your argument is still faulty since emergency care has been covered by the government for years and has nothing to do with Obama's health care bill.

What the hell are you talking about? The govt never covered emergency care. If you go to the ER and you don't have insurance, they're legally obligated to treat you, but you're still responsible for the bill.

Comment Re:Programming is applied Math (Score 1) 233

Yeah, it is. So's bartending.

Face it, the level of math knowledge that you need to be a competent programmer is really not that high. Probably no more than what's required of carpenters or electricians. (There are some math-heavy sub-fields, like crypto or 3D rendering. But most of us don't need to delve into them.)

I'm sure that a carpenter could benefit from going to college and taking courses in math, physics and engineering. Would it be worth 4 years of his life + $100,000? Probably not.

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