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Comment Re:moof (Score 1) 5

Unfortunately nowadays no more violent than when the govt. enforces things. Around here the cops will shoot you if you look at them wrong, and shoot to kill. I used to be a supporter of LEO's. But with the ridiculously heavy-handed tactics, and Obama assassinating people including Americans with aerial drones, at this point I'm only slightly in favor of govt. being in charge of preserving order. It's conceivable that could change if it grows even more corrupt in ruthlessness and violence.

Comment Re:Well at least they're consistent (Score 1) 8

without the 'non-interventionist' foreign policy baggage

What I had hoped, but not what I've seen. E.g.: I'm far from the neocons and their desire for nation building and spreading freedom and democracy to cultures that can't really understand why that's a good thing (I was for occupying Iraq for its geographically strategic position and a stabilization effect in the area), but I'm definitely for stopping Iran from getting a nuclear weapon even if it means groundtroop deaths (since I think that's among the kinds of threats these people have actually signed up to defend against).

Comment Re:People just... (Score 1) 336

Netbooks were cute, but tablets are sexy, I guess. Less is more; I'd argue that removal of the keyboard goes a long way towards appealing to Average Joes, because it's a visual reminder of the inherent nerdiness of computing devices and having them. So even if they can do the same or less but for more money, more people see themselves as having a tablet vs. something that looks like a scaled-down geek machine.

Comment Re:XP (Score 1) 336

Yup, it was partly a timing thing. MS was transitioning at the time to a next gen of their OS with more security and other overhead, ahead of even where most desktop hardware was at the time, and then this niche of older, even slower componentry became hot, and MS didn't have a good offering for it.

Glad I snatched up an XP Home based 12" netbook, before they were outlawwed at that size I guess and before XP ceased being available. I don't think I've ever seen mine get into the 2nd GB I added to it, but while my desktop runs Vista like a dream, I'd hate to try that on the portable.

Comment the nanny state and the security state (Score 1) 19

On the original topic, beware of:

1) The Left seeking to disarm the populace (towards removing any means of resistance to a totalitarian state, but more broadly and importantly any means or symbols of thoughts and feelings of independence or self-actualization which stand in the way of acceptance of such a state).

2) The neocons seeking to lock down every aspect of our society (accustoming us to the sight of armed guards and being searched (physically or electronically) throughout our daily activities).

The former seek to protect the high-and-mighty society from its individuals, and the latter seek to protect us from aberrants as well, just where that is defined as the few instead of the many. But both end up with us as man keeps its canine companions; perpetually largely children, mentality-wise, geared towards looking to authority for most things and accepting authority on almost everything.

I don't want to be infantilized, for a more sanitized, perfect society. So progressives, on both sides, can go hurry to their afterlife host.

Otherwise, Merry Christmas guys.

Comment no recommendations, just maybe some food 4 thought (Score 1) 8

Maybe God's delivering you from your VB6 hell? :) Seriously, that dates back to 1998 IIRC, and it's about to be 15 years later! (I'm so glad that this year at work we finally got off of Visual SourceSafe 6.0. And dropped SQL Server 2000 compatibility. And IE6 compatibility.)

I for one will be betting big on Windows 8. First of all, MS just seems to have a panache for ubiquity. When I was still doing Windows C++ programming, I was on the fence between learning Java or C# next. I wasn't sure if .NET was even going to catch on, so I waited to see. Now I'm trying to catch up to that train. MS looked damaged after the Vista negativity bandwagon. Then Windows 7 came roaring back. As you would seem to agree the Windows 8 gambit is for the very future of the company. I won't be doubting MS's future success again, when it comes to things that they absolutely have to be all-in on.

And secondly, I think the BYOD thing is a fad. Businesses like compatibility and security. Being able to run a stripped-down MS Office suite, and Active Directory configuration and securing if it's not already there in Win8 ARM, will mostly end Android and Apple devices in business. Businesses and govt.'s want a suitable replacement now that their previous portable device go-to fave, RIM, is dying. I've got 22 more years until my official retirement age, and for me there's no real money to be made making consumer apps for those two toys, but potentially lots of employability working for companies writing them business apps on a portable business platform. (Besides, then my C++ skills can come back into usefulness (for WinRT native programming).)

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