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Comment Re:Not Unreasonable (Score 2) 186

"It seems like Craigslist had to pass two hurdles to get to this result. First, they sent a cease and desist letter to 3taps which effectively withdrew authorization to use their website for scraping. Second, they put up a technological barrier (albeit a token one) to prevent 3taps from scraping. 3taps subsequently ignored the cease and desist letter willfully, as demonstrated by their use of proxies. I don't think 3taps has any legs to stand on. "

Sorry, but that doesn't follow. The issue here is not whether 3taps had permission. The issue is whether accessing the site without permission should be a crime (much less a felony).

And Aaron Schwarz is indeed a good example of that already happening. The problem here seems not to be that it's not a slippery slope, but that 3taps' did not present a good argument that it was.

The "slippery slope" is actually pretty darned evident, and 3taps should simply have made their argument better. For example, allowing CFAA prosecution simply on violation of the terms of use is itself a slippery slope, because in effect it allows website owners to write their own laws.

The judge's argument appears to be "but it would never be enforced that way". When if fact we know that it has been.

Comment Re:Just courses? (Score 1) 163

"I don't live in a dreamland; I live in cold, hard reality. "

Is impersonating others an example of your "cold, hard reality"? That's an interesting point of view.


The person posting above is not the Jane Q. Public (me) who has been around Slashdot for years. That person, user #3023069, is an (apparently malicious) imposter.

Comment Re:Just courses? (Score 1) 163

"I never mentioned myself, so it's rather odd how you acted as if I did."

Yes, you did. Unless you think the word "my" is not a personal reference.


The person posting above is not the Jane Q. Public (me) who has been around Slashdot for years. This person is an (apparently malicious) imposter.

Comment Re:Easy solution (Score 1) 303

"I would like it to be very clear that the above person (1010737) is NOT the Jane Q. Pubic (3025353) who has been around Slashdot for minutes. This person has only been posting for about 2 years."

It has been longer than 2 years.

Regardless, it is difficult to refrain from calling you names. It is pretty clear that you are doing this maliciously, and I believe it is perfectly understandable that it makes me angry.

What is wrong with you, anyway?

Comment Re:Take it public (Score 1) 266

But you can't do that kind of thing on a large scale.

Why, to do that you'd have to dedicate tens of thousands of machines just to log collection and analysis, invent a whole new approach to databases that scales out that much, and a whole ecosystem of applications around it! Yeah, Facebook did all that, long ago. Remember what their real product is: the analytics are more important than the site itself.

Comment Re:Stolen? Steam? (Score 1) 264

Stolen does not mean to deprive another of ownership, it means to take without permission.

And what does take mean? When your definition was penned, taking something clearly deprived the former possessor of ownership.

I'll concede that re-using the word "stolen" isn't a terrible choice for this new "take-a-copy" action, but let's not pretend that this is what its meant all along.

Comment Re:Well... (Score 1) 251

I gotta agree with the GP. Phds are specialists.

I've never seen code as bad as was produced by a bunch of applied math Phds. FORTRAN that included calculated GOTOs. Databases tables with more columns then the engine allowed and no primary key. (Their fix, a second table, joined on a 100 char 'id column', with a bunch more columns for data.)

Of course you couldn't tell them anything. One got real butt hurt/lost face when I said his project would get a failing grade in an undergraduate data structures course. Truth hurts.

Comment Re:Uh huh (Score 1) 570

I wouldn't have phrased it against "old guys like you" that way, but you're pretty much right. I'd much rather scale horizontally than depend on vertical hardware upgrades being able to handle increased loads.

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