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Comment Re:Can't have your cake and eat it too. (Score 2) 244

Don't you people ever get tired of the Linux vs. Windows pillow fight?

Most people use Windows because it is very functional and there are more application programs written for it than for Linux or any other operating system.

Get over it, Linux people. Windows is here to stay and Linux will never be more popular than it is.

Comment My pimple's bigger than that (Score 1) 224

" ...with 40 cm of rock eroding and the water level rising by 10 m per day at its peak..."

40 centimeters ain't much of anything. I doubt it would allow much of the Atlantic Ocean to get in.

Unless, of course, the blurb author meant 40 cubic miles in which case we're talking about one big hole.

But, if that's the case, using the same terminology the water lever was rising by 10 miles per day.

Help, I'm surrounded by ignoramuses.

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