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Comment I'm one of them (Score 1) 585

Web Inspector gained the ability to live update CSS and I gained the ability to switch to Chrome. Between the addon compatibility problems that come from rapid-fire releases and the general slowness Firefox suffers from, I was eager to leave it behind. I still think Firebug is better, and still have it installed, but Chrome is just so much easier/faster/mindless. So I switched.

Comment Re:Potential privacy nightmare (Score 1) 249

It looked to me from Ars take on it that they're compiling JS server-side but running it client-side. Timing shouldn't factor into that. It should decrease the time it takes JS to start running because the code's already been parsed and I would think poorly coded animation will run smoother. In a perfect world this feature would make litte difference.

Comment Re:Do you want a job as a software developer? (Score 1) 520

Absolutely. Working in IT when you want to write code is not ideal. But it puts you near where you want to be, talking to the right people. The skillset, as others have said, won't help or hurt, but in the mean time you're drawing a paycheck and fostering professional relationships. Plus. when a development position does open up, you'll likely hear about it first and may have a brief window to apply before it opens up to the world.

Comment Type 1 Diabetic (Score 1) 550

So multiple times, every day, for the rest of my life. Right now I have exactly 1. A few years ago, I had two. If two or even five made it more manageable, I'd take that many. The impact of fast-acting insulin and the ensuring quality-of-life improvements it brings has made me much less cynical towards the pharmaceutical industry.

Comment Re:Microsoft will eat their own dog food... (Score 2) 580

That was my first thought. .net has a much longer history than Silverlight (when considering it as a platform). And yet MS still treats .net as a stepchild. While it sounds ridiculous to say Office should be rewritten in .net, remember Windows Defender was originally .net and was re-written to remove those dependencies. If Microsoft is unwilling to commit to that platform, they're surely not going to commit to a platform with .net as a dependency.

Comment Re:Yeah, but will I be able to kill tabs? (Score 1) 417

An excellent point. I find tabs are terribly useful on one screen but the utility of multiple windows rapidly overtakes the utility of multiple tabs by the time you have more than 1 monitor. Let the window manager do its job. Pointing out deficiencies is the easiest way to get it fixed in the proper layer.

Comment Multiple Monitors Killed it for Me (Score 1) 729

I tried on two machines, a 13" laptop and 40" combined dual-monitor desktop. Worked great on the laptop: I really liked it. On the desktop, though.... For one, mirror the menus is a big improvement compared to anything. They tray (notify area) was on both monitors, the focused app's menu stayed on that monitor (compare to multi-mon OSX where the app's menu shows on one central monitor regardless of which monitor app is on). But the launcher sucks. It lives on a single monitor, and being on the horizontal edge, means I've got potentially 40" to slide the mouse before I get to the bar. Now, it's got a text-driven launcher app too, like Spotlight or Gnome Do or Windows' start menu. That always runs on the primary screen. And then the app launches on the primary screen. Whereas with Gnome Do, it summoned on my active screen and then launched the app on the screen its active screen. Unity lost 10 years of advancements with multiple monitors. And that makes it a huge pain.

Comment Re:Bullshit. (Score 2) 831

Switched my work machine from a Mac Pro to Ubuntu PC a couple weeks ago, largely because of XAMPP. XAMPP doesn't do a good job replacing OSX's built in Apache/PHP, and that makes CLI PHP work (CakePHP's console) unnecessarily hard. Possible? Absolutely. But eventually I got tired of fighting with it, and wanted PHP to just work.

Comment Really? (Score 1) 353

And a shell script is just a text file. So are SVGs. And really a web page is just text, too, so we're all massacring English every time we use the word 'website.'

Get over yourself. These "bookmarks" have functionality. Functionality is what makes them apps. Who cares, really, if your app is a VBA script hosted in Excel, or a website, or an Java ME applet on a mobile phone, or an ELF executable? They all have functionality.

Running, driving and walking are transportation. Abbreviating it transp doesn't magically exclude flying, just as the word App doesn't exclude HTTP-transported, browser-contained applications.

Comment Really? (Score 1) 104

I'm been getting more spam for about the last two weeks than any other time in recent memory. To be fair, that's more spam getting past filters and into my inbox, not total volume. So perhaps total spam volume IS down, but spam's effectiveness is up?

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