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Comment Re:Back to the Future? (Score 5, Interesting) 361

Running multiple services on one OS requires that when you must reboot a server because of an OS bug or mis-configuration all of the services are brought down... Same if it crashes or hangs. As compelling as that is I've never used a hypervisor in 30 years on 10's of thousands of servers.

I do routinely use chroot jails on thousands of servers to isolate the application from the host OS. This way I do not need to re-qualify any tools when we implement an OS patch.

Check it out: :-)

Comment 1998 eclipse from MS Statendam (Score 1) 504

In 1998 my friend Bernie and I took a cruise on Holland America's MS Statendam to view the solar eclipse off the coast of Curacao. We planned to broadcast a live webcam over the internet. The ship radio charges would have been charged by the time that we kept the radio busy, not bandwidth or "connect" time. The Statendam radio man agreed to let us use the radio for free because it would have been very expensive. Twice we spent hours rehearsing, trying to call my dialup Netcom account, but I failed. We had radio problems, modem problems and ISP problems.

I understand that ham radio operators can probably lend you a lot of help. I guess you should get a license and get up to speed.

Be wary of your location when making a ship-to-shore internet connection. Some countries consider it a serious crime.

Sun Microsystems

Submission + - Sun Releasing 8-Core Niagara 2 Processor

An anonymous reader writes: Sun Microsystems is set to announce its eight-core Niagara 2 processor next week. Each core supports eight threads, so the chip handles 64 simultaneous threads, making it the centerpiece of Sun's "Throughput Computing" effort. Along with having more cores than the quads from Intel and AMD, the Niagara 2 have dual, on-chip 10G Ethernet ports with crytopgraphic capability. Sun doesn't get much processor press, because the chips are used only in its own CoolThreads servers, but Niagara 2 will probably be the fastest processor out there when its released, other than perhaps the also little-known 4-GHz IBM Power 6.

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