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Comment My distros date me a little... (Score 1) 867

Yggdrasil -> Slackware -> Redhat (for an hour)->
Debian -> Slackware -> Gentoo -> Knoppix -> Ubuntu ->
Gentoo (Forever!)

UNIX wise, I've owned HP-UX machines, 1 AIX server,
FreeBSD, OpenBSD, then NetBSD

Prior to Yggdrasil, I had a cross compiled linux from scratch sort of setup. Ah, those were good days!

Comment Full disclosure is the most ethical path. (Score 3, Interesting) 517

The most ethical thing you can do is fully disclose the hack to the media, and to as many websites as possible. This will force the developers to either fix the problem or let the company go down in flames. If you keep it secret, innocent pepole will be harmed when their information is leaked by the faulty code. If you could hack it, others can too. They may be less altruistic about what they find.

Write to 2600, call your local media, write to your newspaper, post the info here, go to the forums, and take the word to the street!

Comment wrong distro (Score 1) 260

Shoulda used gentoo. If gcc can compile for it, gentoo can do it! Plus it would have been a hack too, as all gentoo boxen are hacks!

And yes, I run gentoo on all my machines and have done so since 2003. (My first gentoo box was in 2002, the rest of my machines were converted a year later.)

Comment Re:How do I go back to the previous version? (Score 1) 2254

I say we implement a program which scrapes all of slashdot's content and presents it in the old format. Add a couple of ads in there and maybe we could make a buck or two off it.

Honestly though, I believe that all the code these "designers" created really amounts to a lengthy suicide note for slashdot. I've been here since 1997, and I won't be here much longer.

Comment Major suckage (Score 1) 2254

One thing I loved about slashdot was the simple theme. No floating themes, no waisted screen real estate. Whether I was on a small screen or a 20" monitor it always worked. This design, however, is poor on all screens. It is annoying and wasteful.

I have been a loyal reader for 13.5 years. I found slashdot mere months after its founding. If you do not undo these changes, I will no longer come here for news. I cannot abide this atrocity. I will tell my students henceforth to avoid this site, and i will actively campaign against it. Change back to something reasonable, and I will continue to evangelize this site to the geeks of tomorrow.

The choice, sadly, is yours.

-Bob, the once loyal

Comment Two trained animals in these (Score 2, Funny) 114

I like all the sections that say "Security Officers have been trained to not _______". So you have a trained service monkey, and it has to meet up with a trained higher order primate at a checkpoint!

Of course, "higher order primate" might give a bit too much credit to the TSA goon squad, but they certainly are in fact trained animals. Sadly, like many monkeys, they do occasionally lift shiny objects from innocent bystanders....

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