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Comment Two trained animals in these (Score 2, Funny) 114

I like all the sections that say "Security Officers have been trained to not _______". So you have a trained service monkey, and it has to meet up with a trained higher order primate at a checkpoint!

Of course, "higher order primate" might give a bit too much credit to the TSA goon squad, but they certainly are in fact trained animals. Sadly, like many monkeys, they do occasionally lift shiny objects from innocent bystanders....

Comment What I don't understand is... (Score 1) 279

...why this is such an issue. I know that MySQL is distributed (at least to some) under the terms of the GPL. I have received it only under GPL2, and never under their proprietary license.

The GPL has been applied to the MySQL code, and it cannot under any circumstances be removed. Sure Oracle could absorb whatever code they wanted into any proprietary product, but I still have GPL code, we all still have the original.

Development could continue in the community, we can still enjoy the benefit of the MySQL database with or without oracle's blessing. In short, this a non-issue because we will always have the database code as it is now.

The fact that Monty is a prick and a sellout makes no difference either. PostgreSQL won't be sold out, and even if it was, we would still have the GPL'd versions to fork from. That's what the GPL is supposed to do. It is there to protect us from the Monty Wideniuses of the world!

Comment The data probably isn't yours to begin with (Score 1) 395

Most employers assert ownership of their employees. Mind, body, and soul, you are bought and paid for. Especially if you are someone who works in something creative (like development). The modern attitude is that all works, copyrightable or not, produced by employees are the exclusive property of the employer regardless of when and under what circumstances the work was created.

I have seen someone have software they have written taken from them by their companies. The software was produced by them in their spare time, mostly on weekends. Not only did he lose all rights to the software, the company managed to sue him for legal expenses and also won a 1 year injunction preventing him from writing similar software for 2 years. The person I am referring to was a shipping clerk at the time, but the company had a sweeping and universal employee invention agreement, which the "great" state of Tennessee was all too ready to enforce.

So you may want to look at your employment contract because this may be a moot point. You probably don't own your vacation photos in the first place!

Comment Re:Yes (Score 1) 782

What is to prevent someone from compiling it as a jailbroken app and installing it for free? This is what I did with free42, another GPL'd iPhone project. I bought it at the app store, but decided I wanted to patch it. My phone is jailbroken, so I just recompiled for that instead of the apple official distro store.

Also, end users could just buy the official SDK for $99.00 which enables them to load their own code on their devices. That would allow them to recompile and use without the app store. For a lone developer/tinkerer, there is an official route that does not involve the apple vetting process, you just can't share it with others.

Of course, there is always cydia, which is the only way to really own your phone!

Comment Re:Anyone have info on a LOX model rocket? (Score 1) 156

I would strongly advise against the attempt unless you are well skilled in the handling of LOX. Kerosene + LOX is known among aerospace engineers as the "Devil's Brew." Sure you get a good thrust to weight ratio, but you can also get massive conflagration in small packages.

The trickiest problem is in controlling the burn so you don't destroy your combustion chamber. In a solid fuel rocket, if you burn through, you end up with anomalous thrust and perhaps an uneven burning fuel stack. With a liquid rocket, you end up with a huge fireball.

That being said, if you do want to do it still, get very very good at handling pressurized gases. You'll want certifications in that, possibly certifications in welding and extensive training in mechanical engineering. Good luck!

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