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Comment Re:We blaclist him too... (Score 1) 133

Actually the current Fed campaign to hold interest rates artificially low for years going on a decade is in fact a form of "looting my pockets". Economist refer to it as "financial repression". In addition they rig the inflation rate computation and report it much lower than it really is, primarily by leaving out food and energy. They've also printed trillions of dollars since 2008 so they are debasing the currency, and are paying basically nothing on savings deposits so they are in fact stealing from people quietly but very efficiently.

Your only option to not be victimized in this way is to pour your money in to relatively dangerous stocks and commodities too, and get out before the current bubble pops and the the next crash. Real estate used to be a fairly safe investment but in recent years has become dangerous as well due to bubbles⦠caused by the Fed holding interest rates too low for too long.

Central bank actarions are proving to be a very effective tactic to make people invested in the stock market, which are disproportionately 1%ers very rich and is causing another huge increase in income inequality.

The only reason the dollar isn't completely destroyed at this point is the EU, China and Japan are all printing money furiously too. Since everyone is doing it all currencies are being debased at the same time which makes it look like all is well.

Central banks printing trillions and using it to bankroll government sovereign debt is almost certain to not end well, like Weimar republic and Zimbabwe not well, just give it time.


Ask Slashdot: Building a Cheap Computing Cluster? 160

New submitter jackdotwa writes "Machines in our computer lab are periodically retired, and we have decided to recycle them and put them to work on combinatorial problems. I've spent some time trawling the web (this Beowulf cluster link proved very instructive) but have a few reservations regarding the basic design and air-flow. Our goal is to do this cheaply but also to do it in a space-conserving fashion. We have 14 E8000 Core2 Duo machines that we wish to remove from their cases and place side-by-side, along with their power supply units, on rackmount trays within a 42U (19", 1000mm deep) cabinet." Read on for more details on the project, including some helpful pictures and specific questions.

Comment Re:DIY Fuel Air explosive (Score 1) 582

Possibly, but you would need to do the math on how long it will take you to reach the point you can maintain a self sustaiing colony there. Until that happens you are completely dependent on Earth's governments to allow the launches you need to survive. You will be dependent on Earth for a long time for things like computers.

If someone actually managed to sustain a colony on Mars the next question would be how long it would be before Earth's governments try to exert control over it. As inept as they've been at venturing in to space you might have some breathing room, but as long as they control your launch pads to get supplies from Earth you are vulnerable.

I imagine seasteading would be a more viable option but sitting on a platform in the middle of the ocean probably wouldn't be the greatest life and being heavily dependent on supply ships coming from countries who might decide to cut them off also might be unpleasant.

Comment Re:DIY Fuel Air explosive (Score 5, Interesting) 582

"If you don't like the "state" you live under then move or change it."

There really aren't any places to flee to any more. Most governments are turning oppresive, corrupt and are trampling civil liberties. Computers and networking are making it extremely easy to make a police states these days. When East Germany and the U.S.S.R. did oppresive police state it was man power intensive, its much easier now. There is almost no effective defense of civil liberties being mounted any more. Once your government stacks the courts in their favor there is almost no peaceful path to oppose stripping your civil liberties. The U.S. can and frequently does use "state secrets" provision to shut down any challenge to its power. Y

ou can pretend ballot boxes in the places that have them will make a difference but they seldom do.

In particular, the reach of the U.S. government has extended to most of the nooks and crannies on the planet, with the possible exception of places like China, North Korea and Iran which are sufficiently oppresive without any help from the U.S. The U.S. has military bases and FBI offices in a staggering number of countries. They've used rendition all over the world to snatch people, sometimes innocent people, off the streets to torture . With drone bases in the middle of all of the hard to reach places the U.S. will soon have total global coverage and the ability to assassinate by drone anyone, anywhere, with no judiicial oversight.

Its the down side of living on a small planet with no frontiers left and a civilization with accelerating technology development.

There isn't any place to go if you want to escape.

Comment No, not SHA-256 (Score 1) 84

You don't want to use SHA-256 by itself, because that's a high speed unsalted hash algorithm.

Ulrich Drepper created a good password crypt algorithm which incorporates SHA-256 or SHA-512, but the features that make it resistant to dictionary attack are the salt and the massive iterations over SHA to slow down the algorithm.

BCrypt uses the same techniques to slow down dictionary attacks.

Comment BCrypt or SHACrypt256/SHACrypt512 (Score 1) 84

The OP is right that there's no point in using a high speed naked hash algorithm, but BCrypt isn't the only good alternative.

There's also SHACrypt-256 and SHACrypt-512, which have been supported in GNU LibC since October 2007.

Wikipedia has a pretty thorough discussion of the various password hash routines that are in use on Unix/Linux systems, for that matter.

Comment Re:How about no? (Score 1) 166

They can be much smaller and quieter and some can hover so they can be much more intrusive of people's privacy.

They are also much cheaper to deploy and operate than manned systems so its just a matter of time before they will be pervasive, like fixed cameras already are in a lot of places, but they can move around so you can pretty much abandon any residual illusion you have of privacy, unless maybe its deep in your personal bunker. Once they have drones with ground penetrating radar that will probably be gone too.

Comment Re:How about no? (Score 1) 166

Yea but most of the prescient sci fi works were intelligent, well written fiction. Terminator 3 was just bad on every level. I seriously doubt it is an indicator of much beyond the high probability that when Hollywood tries to milk a franchise it will often completely trash the franchise. They should have stopped when James Cameron stopped which was at the end of Terminator 2.

Comment Re:NOT (Score 1) 105

I do know the difference between a Java stack trace and a VM which crashes with a dump of the CPU registers. Platform was Ubuntu 10 LTS and the Oracle JVM.

I also checked the PDF parser. I does not use any native stuff.

Well, I took you at your word about crashing the VM. I was just curious how long ago it was, whose VM you were using, etc.

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