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Comment Re:Sorry, but that's impossible. (Score 1) 571

I was going to mod you up, but the system seems broken for me atm. so i will just post in agreement and add one thing.

It is unreasonable and NOT science to have something like this, with genes from organisms the plant either A. never encounters in the case of bacteria. or B. or from a totally unrelated part of the tree of life that the common ancestor is only found in the Archaean geological era, when plants and animal's diverged(development of photosynthesis). and it is considered 'generally recognized as safe' because it only 'looks' like corn or a tomato etc. it is also not science to take the studies of a gmo that is made today, and just happens to be safe. Then extend it to all gmo's tested or not.

in a ideal world each gmo crop would be handled in a bio-containment facility like certain deadly contagions and subject to more rigorous safety testing similar to pharmaceuticals before they are allowed to be planted outside in a uncontrollable environment. that is science. It IS possible to prove some might be safe, what is NOT possible since proving a negative is hard if not impossible is treating them all as safe and harmless and then expecting someone to prove they are NOT safe when millions or billions of dollars and a large multi-national company wants them to fail. that is not science, that is idiocy. but it's also the system here in this article and with the current world governments. We are playing with fire here, we are going to get burned. I just hope i am not alive when it happens.

Comment they only have one now.. (Score 2, Insightful) 449

but considering they now are the source of a lot of stuff made in the world. if their leader went out and said. "i want 20 more in less then ten years" they will be able to build them in less then 5. and it takes us what about 2 to 3 years to build a single one of ours?

congratulations, the united states is like the early ww2 german war machine. were more advanced but it takes longer for us to build our tanks, ships, and planes while our enemies will be able in a short while replace that one much cheaper and faster made one with 2 or more every time we knock one down.

Comment Re:a simple ban won't work alone (Score 1) 938

solution 1. get out of the car or open the door a bit or break a window to get a signal.

solution 2. have either on-star or a similar system where the the antenna is outside of the Faraday cage were you can press a button to get 911.

partial solution 1. Don't get into a accident by paying more attention to the road.

since the majority of accidents happen on populated roads even if your knocked unconscious in the accident others can call 911 via 1 or 2

Comment Re:a simple ban won't work alone (Score 1) 938

the thousands of deaths due to drunk driving even with stepped up fines and enforcement seems to point otherwise. also talking on the phone along with having someone else on the phone in the car have been found out to be worse then driving drunk. so yes deterrence has failed, expecting someone to not resist the temptation of all those nice little gadgets while they should be paying attention to the road is a bit much. Since few people would want a remotely controlled car or a self driving one being powered by software made by $vender. the only thing 'left' is to design the vehicle in such a way to prevent the activity.

$vender = google, microsoft, government mandated software from some other company.

Comment a simple ban won't work alone (Score 1) 938

there are not enough cops to enforce a ban even though it could increase revenue a lot for many area's. there are already commercial cell phone signal jamming devices that could be retrofitted to work inside the area of a typical civilian(non police) vehicle cabin. this could be required to be put into new vehicles or for a partial Faraday cage built into the cabin space of new vehicles to deal with this. gps's won't be effected by the jamming device as they use a separate frequency and built in gps devices in cars, while not visible to the owner, they have a antenna external to the cabin already as that allows a better signal.

existing vehicle owners would have a choice of either being subject to the ban in which the cop can pull them over if they see a cell phone in the car and on their head or a hands free device on their head. or install a jamming device out of their own cost for possibly a reduced insurance rate. as for cars with built in systems like mentioned in the summery, just extend the law that requires those with dvd play back ability to not play back a dvd while the vehicle is in motion(for dash mounted player screens) to working the device at all. make it so the touch screen won't accept user input other then volume adjustment while the car is in motion and the brakes are not being applied.

Comment Re:YES! (Score 1) 3

there should be a device that blocks all cell phone signals in all civilian vehicles. a simple ban would not work since there are not enough cops to enforce it. people won't loose calls either because if the cellphone is off or out of range the call just gets dropped in voice mail.

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