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Comment Re:While... (Score 4) 259

Wow. Let's take this piece-by-piece, shall we.

What are you, Rush Limbaugh?

That should be Who are you.

I bet you denied Global Cooling before Global Warming came along.

It's called climate change. Didn't you get the memo? And, this is just a wee bit off topic. Don't you think?

Now you're trying to claim Global Shaking is a good thing?!

Global? I don't know if this was an attempt at a straw man argument, or not. Regardless, if you actually read the GP's post, you'll see that his point is that maybe releasing mini earthquakes is a good thing. Just like having controlled burns in heavily wooded areas is a good measure to take to avoid wild fires later on. All he did was ask a question -- a valid question that merits an answer.

Stop hyperventilating, and attempt to have a logical, rational discussion of the potential benefits or problems of various forms of energy production. Don't be so obtuse.

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