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Comment Re:Here be no surprises (Score 1) 608

His exact words: "If you've got a business, you didn't build that. Somebody else made that happen."

My exact response above: "Obama's statement completely discounts the effort, innovation, hard work and, oftentimes, personal risk that goes into building a business." If you want to label this "nutjobbery", so be it. Your words. I call it a simple, but consistent overestimation of the roll and importance of government in the lives of Americans. The video I posted above parallels this sentiment. Sorry you didn't notice.

Comment Re:Here be no surprises (Score 0) 608

1. Nice try with the strawman. I've asserted that Obama views government as the great provider. I did not call him a nutjob.
2. You can't apply Occam's razor until you've eliminated my assertion as a possibility, with your belief as the sole remainder.

See here, a snippet from a video played at the DNC tonight. "The government is the only thing we all belong to. Really? How about just a nation of people, living in sovereign states. How about the human race? We're all (or, at least, we ought to be) freedom loving people, and we certainly do not belong to the government. Quite telling.

Comment Re:Here be no surprises (Score 1) 608

You're making the assumption that you stand on the veritable high ground with your interpretation and application of context. You've provided nothing to fortify your position, other than repetition of the Democrats' "what he meant to say was..." back pedaling. I've argued on the evaluation of his policies. This is not the narrowest literal meaning -- it's matching the talk to the walk.

Comment Re:Here be no surprises (Score 1) 608

There is no irony here. I've used his own words as an accurate critique of his own actions.
I was initially scolded that "he didn't say that." I proved that he did say it, and was then accused of taking his words out of context. I acknowledged context, but as consistent with my view of his meaning. Now, I'm told my view is wrong, based on... something.

In summary: he did say it; being critical of his words is well within the scope of context; his context is consistent with his policies.

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