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I do support for pdas and get asked daily by somebody who's not tech-savvy enough to "find the good stuff" (however that might be) for somewhere to go to get new apps/ringtones/etc, for their phones. With the release of the iPhone tomorrow, having an official place to suck these types of people into, and likely being backed by every service provider that's selling the iPhone, tons of folks are going to blindly stumble into the Apps Store and spend because it's easy, and because it's there. Cost is less of an issue if you're led to believe that you're in the best (or the only) place to get something.

Submission + - Unofficial URI-patch for Windows (heise-security.co.uk)

dg2fer writes: For more than two month, the vulnerability of parsing URIs is known for several Windows programms, including Outlook, Adobe Reader, IRC clients and many more.

The latest Microsoft patches published for October did not include a solution for the URI problem, so according to an article on heise security hackers started to solve the problem theirselfes and published an unofficial patch which cleans up the critical parameters of URI system calls before calling the vulnerable Windows system function.

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