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Comment Don't underestimate the difficulty involved (Score 0) 149

The holdbacks you mention are definitely true. But many of the comparisons made with other countries fail to point out just how huge a country america is. Covering that much area is quite a difficult task and involves greater expense. And it isn't just covering blank areas of the map between urban centers. Our cities also have tons of urban sprawl to make the job harder. Don't get me wrong, it's a task that can be accomplished if the telecoms stop their massive massive fail/theft. But the problem to overcome in the states is harder than europe/south korea/japan ect...

Comment Re:What's the big deal? (Score 3, Insightful) 533

What *does* freak me out is how my credit card company can ask me to confirm my height and weight when I talk to them on the phone, and when I ask them how the f**k they found out how much I weigh, they tell me that by law they're allowed to download all the information from the Department of Transit and so they know everything that's on my drivers license. THAT's the kind of stuff that I find extremely scary, and that's the kind of thing you can't do anything at all to prevent other than living in a shack in the mountains somewhere.

But the sum of all your purchases, searches, emails ect... becomes a very accurate picture of who you are (or your behavior anyway). Google may not have nefarious intentions, but the profile now exists in a form which is not even promised to be private.

Given the experience you had with the data sharing between corporations and government, I'm surprised you don't see the potential negatives. A profile of your whole life and lives of all those around you is just a subpoena away. Maybe less than that.

Comment Re:Variance is the key (Score 2, Interesting) 928

The variance has more to do with the test grading criteria I think. I have heard my professors at my school tell us that women score higher on average, but tend to have less very high scores. Their reasoning is that women tend to be less aggressive and declarative of their opinions in papers. Excellent mastery of the material, less willingness to make very large assertions. Big declarative papers are a gamble. If you get it right, you get a killer score. If you get it wrong, you get a really terrible score.

Comment Re:If women are so smart . . . (Score 1, Insightful) 928

What happened to women a century back and earlier has precisely nothing to do with the present day.

Do you honestly feel that the bias against females in the workplace or academics has been alleviated? It continues to this day. You can't fault a female for trying to hide their intelligence. A large part of American society still frowns upon the outward expression of intelligence (as many of us here may have experienced) of any kind. For women much more so. This feels like a very glib interpretation of the plight of the women in the modern age. Criticizing misguided attempts at forcing equality does not mean that inequality does not exist.

Comment Re:Oh for.... (Score 2, Insightful) 322

Open source phones will do just fine because there are great big markets

1% of the most profitable users > 30% of razor thin profit margin users. That is why the iphone is a success, it has nothing to do with userbase. It's all a function of effort to profit. Most users aren't that profitable. Fat middle aged housewives using a $1500 iphone to occasionally call starbucks to see if they left their purse there where the $$ is at.

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