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Comment Re:Mmph (Score 1) 939

Excuse me, but you say that Slashdot has a "liberal bias", for its multinational/multicultural readership that make this up are more liberal than mainstream America.

Then you say that the news that this populace cares about, that this populace would say "matters", is somehow innappropriate? I say it is the right venue because, at least according to you, most of the people on slashdot want to actually hear about things like this. You are the one in the minority, and only because you disagree with the message. It isn't as though non-technology news is a recent phenomenon on slashdot. We've had things like this for years. "Stuff that matters" doesn't just mean technology and science, but other very important issues of the day. Hence something like this pops up now and then, and that's how it should be.

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