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Comment Re:What has slipped under the radar... (Score 1) 1698

> Either way, see what happens next time you travel and get sick. Chances are high you'll be covered for free

That's simply not true. I've travelled outside the U.S and this is NOT the case. When a person travels outside of the U.S. they usually buy temporary/limited coverage through their credit card (Amex offers one) or through other travel insurance companies. Unlike the U.S., almost all other countries WILL NOT give you free access to their health care system. In some ways these countries have smartened up. We're going the opposite way!

Comment Just what the doctor ordered, socialism. (Score 0, Troll) 1698

I am so glad the people who bankrupted Social Security and Medicare will finally have their hands in everything to do with our health care. This bill doesn't lower prices, but only shifts the actual insurance from 1100 competing private companies to one big government bureaucracy. Each year, less and less doctors are accepting Medicaid and other government health insurances because their payments stink. Of course liberals don't seem to mind because doctors are all rich people anyway who can afford to work for low wages. Nevermind that they pay hundreds of thousands in malpractice insurance, rent, electric and other business expenses. Who cares about business anyways? It's only math and numbers! Truth is, all of that doesn't matter when people are sick. In fact, I heard that the laws of gravity cease to exist when people get sick. Seriously, it seems only the lawyers are allowed to charge $500/hr because democrats love litigation, especially litigation that brings down private companies so that ill-funded and high taxing government programs can step in. I feel all future doctors should be forced to spend 10 years in medical school, come out with hundreds of thousands in school loans and do this to get paid low wages because the government says so. That will give the future doctors of America something to look forward too! However, there is one way to remedy this. Make medical school only 1 year, this avoids a lot of the expensive school loans, but gives us tons of uneducated shitty doctors who will work for government pay. I'm sure liberals don't mind that as long as everyone is covered, right?

The next thing we should do is force pharmaceutical companies to lower prices for all drugs to 1 cent a pill. That's right! Where do these big pharm companies get their nerve spending billions on new life saving drugs and then charging us a dollar or more a pill so they can keep funding their research?? Why can't these people simply work for less money? In fact, the engineers and the construction workers who build the pharmaceutical buildings, the electric companies that power the research departments and the companies that supply all the medical testing equipment should all take a pay cut because these pills are just too important! All pills that can save lives should be free, and the people who helped develop those pills shouldn't complain. If they do, then throw them out and hire cheaper chemists and scientists. If that doesn't work, we can always unionise the chemists and scientists so that instead of making drugs, they can be sipping more coffee and can keep their job even if they suck at it . That'll fix these rich pharmaceutical bastards! Right??

I love the fact that the people who scared us into getting the H1N1 vaccination and then couldn't even deliver 1/8 of the vaccines it promised are now going to run our health care system. Of course, liberals love free things. They love when someone else has to pay for their problems and they certainly couldn't care less about quality as long as everyone gets something. Something is better than nothing, right?? It's better that all 300 million citizens end up with crap than $270 million end up with good health care. Who cares that no one has read all 2,000 pages of this bill? Who cares if good doctors can't make a living and are forced to find other lines of work? Who cares if Big Pharm can't create life saving drugs because they can't fund research? Who cares if taxes go way up? Just as long as we have Hope & Change. Because without Hope & Change there is no reason to go on living.

Welcome to socialism my friends. Enjoy. :-)

Comment Not a good idea (Score 1) 517

Here we go again! More know-nothing government bureaucrats want to somehow interfere with technology. Unless the software were embedded in a machine built by one company, you can't hold developers accountable for software simply because there are so many variables that go into making software it's very difficult to know what type of computer and what patches, upgrades or other software will be running along side your software.

People misuse computers all the time and not all software is designed to be secure from the start. In the OS arena, hackers are constantly trying to break into Windows. Microsoft "supposedly" does their best, but even if they don't, how can a software company justify going into business only to be forced out of business by law suits where the plaintiff knows very little about securing his/her computers?

The fact that this dumb idea came from Europe does not surprise me in the least. The EU has always been very business unfriendly when it comes to how they treat their tech companies which is why very little OS and large scale application development is done there in the first place.

The only people who will benefit from stupid laws like this will be the lawyers.

Comment The Technologically Illiterate Are At It Again! (Score 1) 857

Have you ever stopped to take a long hard look at the people who run this country? You know, the congressmen, senators, etc? Sadly, these are the people among us that create policy every single day affecting the very mechanisms of society they simply do not understand.

The problem is most of the criminals on the Internet who aim to do harm to our country are not the same idiotic dirty old men that show up on NBC's "To catch a predator" because they were horny for a 12 year old. Proxy servers and onion routing are technologies that have existed for sometime now and are becoming more and more common and easier to use everyday, even for 60 year old perverts.

When are these empty suits in our government gonna wake up and realize that this cat and mouse game is only gonna cost our society more money and wasted effort leading to just a few more arrests than they had before? If you're worried for your child's safety on the Internet, then keep him off the damn computer! Hows that for a novel idea! I liken this whole thing to the driving with a cell phone ban. The cops can't enforce it and people keep driving with their cell phones pressed into their faces more than ever. So what's the point????

I'm all for law enforcement, just not law enforcement that amounts to wasted effort and my hard earned tax dollars thrown out the window by a clueless empty suit with a bad haircut and a southern accent. If you don't believe me, just ask Al Gore (the inventor of the Internet) what he thinks!!

Comment I don't think MS has much to fear from Linux (Score 1) 583

When I say that I mean the way it is used currently as a Desktop OS. I've been using Linux a long time from the command line. Every now and then I pop my head up to see what's new in the desktop arena for Linux, but I'm always disappointed.

Here is what I think the problem is...

1. The GUIs are getting slower and slower.

2. Difficult for the GUI to take control of itself if a runaway process is eating up all the CPU time (Task Manger in Windows is much better).

3. Still not enough good hardware support. Configuring simple things like sound and desktop video modes are weak and buggy.

4. Playing movies is always a chore because one "good" media player does not exist for all possible video formats (you have to bounce between MPlayer, VLC, Noatun, KPlayer, etc).

5. Different programs compiled using different libraries (GTK, QT, XLib) all feel and look different. Simple and important features like Cut & Paste and object embedding don't always work between programs.

6. They are no good visual application development tools. A tool similar to Visual Studio is needed in Linux. IDE's like Netbeans and Eclipse are okay for small programs or web scripts, but simply doesn't cut it for full blown desktop application development.

There are more but you get the idea. In my opinion, if some of the above can remedied soon enough and Microsoft is stilling selling their latest OS in the same vein as Vista. Then yes, Linux would have a good chance on the desktop.


Submission + - Web or Desktop Application?

Austin Milbarge writes: I'm redesigning a database application I've written in Windows and I would like the application to work from the web with minimal installation headaches. I've narrowed my decision down to either developing the software in Java Swing and then using WebStart as a means to deploy it, or write the whole thing in JSP as a dynamic web application. I like the web application idea because it will work with any browser and requires zero installation for the user. However, developing a desktop Java application gives the developer more control over dialogs, widgets, etc and besides I'm not all that convinced yet with dynamic web pages replacing full featured MDI applications. Web application development seems like a real pain in the ***. Perhaps I'm wrong. Finally, if I were to write a web application I'd like to shy away from using Microsoft servers so I guess that would disqualify ASP.NET. Any suggestions?

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