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Comment Re:The inevitable Slashdot response... (Score 2, Interesting) 149

'I wish Windows 7 had less features. All I want is the ability to write a letter'

I actually do feel like this at times. When I need to get down to work, to write something without distraction, the modern desktop can actually be an overawing place. A stark white screen with black text focuses the mind wonderfully.

Comment Re:Not News by any stretch... (Score 2, Insightful) 99

eventually you have no motivation to work/create if you end up being "Unsung, Unpaid"

But this code has already been created. None of the authors had any financial incentive to release it for free, but they have done! Trying to claim that they wouldn't flies against the fact that many projects are and have been created for no other purpose than because their authors wanted to, thought it would be fun, wanted a hobby, or so on. Money is not the only reward.

Comment Re:0day exploit in OpenSSH, and thieir IP address. (Score 1) 288

I, for one, find it quite ironic that they want "full-disclosure" abandoned, yet they know about a potentially devastating vulnerability in OpenSSH and won't tell anyone. Kind of reiterates why we need full-disclosure.

Hardly ironic. If they claim to be against full disclosure of bugs, the last thing they want to do is to disclose their own pet vulnerability. It would be ironic if they were to disclose it, instead.

OS 9

Submission + - Classilla, A New Port of Mozilla to Mac OS 9

oberondarksoul writes: "Every now and then, you hear about a new port of Mozilla to one of the lesser-used platforms. Recently, a new version of Mozilla has been released for Mac OS 9 — an operating system no longer sold or supported, and with no new hardware available to buy. Dubbed Classilla, it aims to provide "a modern web browser running again on classic Macs", and the currently-released build seems to work well on my old PowerBook 1400 — despite being a little memory-hungry. How long before every OS can boast a Mozilla port?"

Comment Re:Next Step: No Safari in Snow Leopard??? (Score 0) 578

Apple had a monopoly on powerPC computers.

Not true. The Sam440, Pegasos, and all of the current generation of games consoles would disagree with you here. Non-Apple.

They used it to keep other OS's off PowerPc

Not true. Yellow Dog Linux will happily run on PowerPC Macs, and there are other PPC operating systems available such as AmigaOS, or even Windows NT!

Google has a monopoly on Search

Debatable. They may have a majority, but there are plenty of other search engines out there, such as Yahoo, or even a certain one from Microsoft that's been getting a lot of press lately...

Comment Well, it all makes sense (Score 5, Insightful) 562

As we all know, nothing may ever legally be distributed for free on the Internet, or in fact, anywhere. If it's not distributed by a record label, film company, or major software company, it is inherently pirated and of no value to any person and should be destroyed immediately for all our own good. Only by buying good, wholesome entertainment and software products will we be preserving the jobs which every industry worker deserves by divine right of kings. Or something.

Comment And what exactly IS hardcore? (Score 3, Insightful) 438

I'm sick of what seems to be the sudden belief that, unless a game has the most up-to-date graphics and is filled with so-called 'mature' content (which seems to be a euphemism for gallons of blood and swearwords), it's not 'hardcore', and anyone who doesn't play it is a casual gamer by default. Gaming is my main hobby, and I spent the majority of my free time and money on either playing games or other related activities; and yet apparently because I don't own an Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, or a gaming-calibre PC, I'm not one of this self-professed hardcore.

Comment Re:ohhh come on! (Score 4, Insightful) 128


Because it's one of their biggest-selling franchises. If it sells poorly than hoped, they can play the piracy card and ramp up DRM on all future titles with a smug "We told you so". If it sells well, it may encourage them to relax DRM on other games in the future. It's a game that's likely to sell well even with piracy, so relatively low-risk.

Comment Re:Still a DRM-laden GPL-violating piece of crap (Score 1) 265

WebKit is open source. You can get the code if you want - for free, in the same spirit as it was licensed to them via KHTML. Ue Subversion to grab it:

Now, App Store DRM is another kettle of fish, but to rant about WebKit being supposedly closed betrays a lack of understanding.

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