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Comment Re:Dangerous... (Score 2) 399

Shit-can lousy teachers and you *will* see better educated kids. So obvious.

Or no teachers at all since it really doesn't pay to be a teacher in that rotten environment. There already is a teacher shortage across the country. So you don't mind having to ship your kids 30-40 miles because the school you were sending them to had to close due to no teachers right? Don't think it can happen? Here in my state they consolidated 7 schools because of that.

Comment Re: One and the same (Score 1) 441

You see that excuse every time a repeal of the college to the popular vote is put forward. Although that may (emphasis on MAY) be true, what we have now is candidates catering to those states with high electoral votes ignoring those small states none the less. SO I don't see where it would be any different.

Comment Re:If 10 parties have 10% of the vote each (Score 4, Informative) 441

It's much more difficult to sack the US President, so difficult in fact that it's never happened and we've had some pretty bad presidents.

Actually, that is untrue. Nixon would have been convicted in the Senate had he not resigned. It was a count of the votes that convinced him to give up the ghost and protect what was left of the dignity of the office. Many forget that Vice President Agnew was forced to resign as well as had criminal charges filed against him. Again, he would have also been impeached and convicted had he not taken the plea deal.

To bring this back on topic...

It was Nixon's Watergate scandal that was the result of a whistle blower, (deep throat) that alerted the American public to the illegal dealings in the oval office. Without whistle blowers, the illegal activities of those in power would go unchecked much like it is today.

Comment Re: One and the same (Score 1, Interesting) 441

That will never happen due to "winner takes all" laws in the States. For example, if you have 5 electors, and manage to get 2 of them third party, all it takes is for the other 3 to agree on a candidate for that guy to win all 5.

In states like Florida and Ohio that have a large number of electors, the winner takes all laws is what keeps the two parties in power.

The only way to cure it is to do away with the electoral college and go solely with the popular vote. I believe the reasons for the existence of the college, namely the problems of large distances to travel and no mass communication systems, have been solved.

Comment Re:yes! (Score 4, Interesting) 137

Yes that Citizens United. How that decision became popularized as "corporations are evil because the system is corrupt" I can't figure. Protection of First Amendment freedoms is good, full stop.

What makes it evil is it equated money with speech as well as said corporations are entitled to the same rights as people in a much stronger stance than any other decision. By allowing anonymous donations to political campaigns, there is no saying where the money actually came from be it local or from a foreign nation seeking to upset our political arena.

Comment Re:I have zero problems with BU's patents (Score 4, Insightful) 129

Fine then... If this is the way it is supposed to work then there is no further reason to subsidize the university with tax dollars since they have the ability to develop these valuable patent portfolios. The knife should work both ways. Either they fund research using their patent portfolio or tax dollars but not both.

Comment Re:True quote (Score 1) 292

I use a dumb phone too because I need a phone, not a computer in my pocket. Besides, the dumb phone is far, far, far cheaper and much more reliable. I get a week on a charge. Try that with a smart phone.

Comment Re:It's more like a stunt to me (Score 1) 229

They are showing total cost of employment with what they post but the public is too busy trying to justify their hatred of government employees they read at as only salary then think that the travel and benefits are paid on top of what is shown.

I don't have to worry too much in my position about tax payer backlash. Even with the benefits I get added in I qualify for food stamps!

Operating Systems

PC Plus Packs Windows and Android Into Same Machine 319

jones_supa writes "At the mammoth Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas in early January, it is expected that multiple computer makers will unveil systems that simultaneously run two different operating systems, both Windows and Android, two different analysts said recently. The new devices will introduce a new marketing buzzword called PC Plus, explained Tim Bajarin of Creative Strategies. 'A PC Plus machine will run Windows 8.1 but will also run Android apps as well', Bajarin wrote recently for Time. 'They are doing this through software emulation. I'm not sure what kind of performance you can expect, but this is their way to try and bring more touch-based apps to the Windows ecosystem.' Patrick Moorhead, principal analyst at Moor Insights & Strategy, suggests that PC Plus could get millions of consumers more comfortable with Android on PCs. 'Just imagine for a second what happens when Android gets an improved large-screen experience. This should scare the heck out of Microsoft.'"

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