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Comment Re:bill, don't throttle (Score 0) 640

But by all means do NOT mention morality. Management is trained to be suspicious of such things, and you'll be on the shit list.

That part got my attention. May I ask what you mean when you say that they are trained to be suspicious of such things? Is this actually a component of formal training such as business classes or leadership seminars? Or is it more of a situation where it's unfortunate that lots of people who are actually up to no good have been known to such excuses to cover up their wrongdoing and managers just learn this by experience?

Judging from the banking and wall street crisis, it's probably darwinian ... or for those who wish to use the alternative, maybe we could say "Intelligent Design?"

The stereotype is to portray all business-people as immoral money-grubbers. Like any stereotype, it has some truth in it, but many business-people are just like anyone else, trying to get by, make a living, do okay by their family, their employees, their customers, and sleep more-or-less soundly at night. In some industries, in some economic climates, and in some geographic locations, this isn't realistically possible. Over-selling internet bandwidth is one of them - everyone does it, so you either do it also, or you die.

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