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Comment Re:Open borders... one way? (Score 5, Insightful) 279

I'll get hate for saying this but fuck it, truth is truth and RMS burnt a LOT of bridges with GPL V3 so I wouldn't be surprised to see more devs moving from GCC to LLVM and Clang.

What RMS and his fans just seem to refuse to accept is a simple little bit of reality which is thus...this ain't 1979 anymore, no matter how many times RMS calls everyone "hackers" like he's at a computer club meting. The chips, the designs...we are talking about INSANE complexity folks, it is just not something "a couple of guys banging away in their basement" is gonna be able to do. What you have to have is dozens of highly skilled, highly trained guys working on this stuff 8-12 hours a day every day...the requires funds folks, no way you can get around that.

What does that have to do with RMS giving corps the bird with GPL V3? Simple...where do you think ALL that money was coming from? Donations by individuals? Nope that was all being paid for by corps whom RMS made clear aren't welcome round here anymore. with GPL V2 you had kind of a "wink wink" with the corps while GPL V3 has made sure that you had better be a GPLed company if you want anything to do with GPL V3 code. This is why Google has a "No GPL V3" rule with ChromeOS and Android, and I have no doubt you'll be seeing money dry up for projects like GCC, simply because companies will be afraid to touch it.

At the end of the day encouraging corps to open their code is fine, flipping them the bird if they refuse to go GPL? Not the smartest thing. We should be able to tell within the next year whether all the money is gonna go to GCC or LLVM/Clang, I personally think it'll be the latter.

Comment Re:Set for a crash anyway due to difficulty of min (Score 1) 249

This is why I've always said BC is a Ponzi scheme, it let the insiders at the top of the scheme make a ton quickly and then cash out when it became no longer profitable to mine while those getting into BC mining now will never even make back the cost of power, much less hardware.

I'm all for a new cash that lets you bypass the Fed and their scams but this is just more of the same, the only difference is who got to make the big bux.

Comment Re:Why? (Score 1) 578

Good point. When I switched to a powered antenna here in Ottawa, Canada, I was able to pick up several channels I couldn't get without it. Even with my relatively inexpensive indoor antenna (a Terk HDTVa, which Google says can be had for about $60 in the US), I get 14 channels, including two from the Watertown, NY broadcast station (PBS and Fox), from a 16th floor apartment with a southwest view. If I turn the in-line amplifier off, I only get 6 channels, all of them local. Oddly, one of those 6 channels, I don't get when the amplifier is on, so I actually have to turn the amplifier off when I want to watch that channel... o.O

If I had a different fronting, or if there was a building south of mine that I could bounce the signal off, I could actually get the signals from another transmitter north of the city, and would actually be getting about 22 channels (though 5 of them would be in French).

Comment Re:Exactly what I was thinking (Score 1) 365

Not meaning to Godwin but look at what Stalin's Organs did to the Nazis on the eastern front to see why it very much IS a problem.

You should really look up the Chinese "sea skimmer" missile to see what we are talking about here, but I'll try to give a rough overview...picture a missile about the length of a telephone pole and a couple of times wider going at Mach 2+ a couple feet off the picture 50 of those coming from multiple directions (because the launcher can be put in a shipping crate and mounted on any old boat) and you have...ohh I'd say if you are REALLY lucky about 6 seconds to get all 50!

What makes these dangerous is the handful of countries that have the skills to make these have the funds to fire them by the dozen and it really wouldn't be hard to have a sub loaded with these so you could fire them off from pretty much anywhere.

Comment Re:Alternative to Beta (Score 1) 36

I look forward to actual nerd topics again, hardware, CPUs, GPUs, file systems, all that good old hardware porn we USED to get before all the "ZOMG yo, gotta see this slashvertisement for our new web 3.0 vertical synergy yo!" bullshit.

Look we ALL know what happened, okay? And don't blame Tim and soulskill, they are just poor schlubs trying to save their jobs which in this economy? Can't really blame 'em. Its really simple, DICE thought they could make DOUBLE the money by selling slashvertisements AND selling ads, but all the slashvertisements were for crap nobody cared about and the ads were just sad so the old guard started laying low, quality went down, then they got more and more lax with the AC trolls to try to make the thread counts look like /. before they bought it and it went straight down the shitter.

I've already told the altslash guys I'll be happy to clean up the spammers, deal with the crap, if that is what it takes to get a site where geeks can talk about geek stuff without having the "yo be sure to like my vertical empowerment on FB yo!" bullshit? old hairy will be happy to bust ass for free.

Comment Re:Why? (Score 1) 578

So, I can get Direct TV or Dish with TW broadband, or I can get TW cable and broadband. That's it. I have decided to go Roku and TW broadband only. That is what I get, and that is what I watch. Olympics not available? Then I don't give a shit. But for those few who do, no choice but to do what the majority of Game of Thrones watchers do.

You realize, you could ask your neighbour to use a splitter on his antenna and feed you from the same antenna? That's what people used to do in the days before cable. In fact, that was the original cable... CATV = Community Antenna TV.

Comment Re:Slashdot BETA Sucks. (Score 1) 2219

most of the people who would boycott are probably no script/adblock anyway, so there's no lost impressions there.

They give you the option to turn off ads when you've posted enough upmodded comments anyway.... the theory, I'm assuming, is that if you're actually contributing you're helping to drive people to the site, so they actually make money off your posts.

If *those* people stop posting/contributing, then they will notice it. At least, they will, if there's any logic at all to having the option to turn off ads....

Comment Re:READY OR NOT IS NOT THE ISSUE!!! (Score 1) 2219

Very, but sometimes you can't let the UID fool you. This is actually my 4th account... I forgot the password for my first one a *long* time ago after the first time I quit using Slashdot (which I think was over a site redesign, actually, and wouldn't use it any more anyway because it was my real name at the time), and stopped using the other two because I didn't like the usernames -- one started getting used, in another context, by a kink porn company in Seattle, and the other is too similar to another user on the site. Yes, this one's a high UID, but I've been coming here off and on for 14 years now.

I think we both know that sometimes you see very insightful comments from nooblets, and sometimes very inciteful comments from old-timers.... the UID isn't *really* a very good indication of the quality of the content. :)

Comment Re:Soulskilll and Timothy (Score 1) 197

Exactly. I mean why would I give a shit about the stories, i get the same from a dozen more sites and often with a hell of a lot more depth. One doesn't come here for the stories, one comes here for the insiders and the arguments!

I mean where else could we have had a 200 post argument over file systems? Where a guy like me could say "I'm having trouble wrapping my head around a part of string theory" and have a guy from CERN actually break it down for me? Before Dice bought it and started filling the thing with Slashvertisements we'd have epic arguments and even if you didn't agree with somebody you LEARNED from the experience.

Beta is just another Digg/Fark/Gawker, where you read the article then get the hell off so that fugly Disqus comment system doesn't trash your eyeballs...well if I wanted that, why would I come here instead of Digg/Fark/Gawker? What benefit does it offer me over those? none that I can see because if anything beta is even worse than those as it takes the broken modding system and bolts it into a Disqus framework...eeew.

Comment Re:For the first time (Score 2) 156

Look up "Dice Holding Slashdot writedown" and you'll find your answer. Dice thought they could load the place with Slashvertisements, make money off the articles AND the ads, and instead put the site into a nosedive so bad its now totally unprofitable, so much so they took a massive writedown on it.

So what does that have to do with the beta fucking? Simple Dice Holdings believes that Slashdot as a NAME could be worth something but not as a site so they are just gonna take a Gawker style layout (hell they might as well even have "powered by Disqus" at the top of the comment section, its such a ripoff) and simply bolt on the Slashdot name, simple as that.

Will the Slashcott work? No, even though I will be participating on GP the fact is they don't want the USERS, they want the BRAND. Like most retarded corps they don't know what has value, they think that just having the name Slashdot is the value when in reality nobody gave a shit what it was called, they came for all the insider comments and those will all be going to Alt (or whatever they call it) but again this doesn't matter to Dice as they think they can make another Fark with the Slashdot name.

Will it work? Possibly, they can get in the 20 somethings that vaguely remember the /. name and actually like the "ZOMFG look at my Vlog bro!" layout but I seriously doubt it'll get them what they originally wanted, which was a way to get paid for Slashvertisements while getting paid for ads too. most likely it will linger and falter before finally going the way of geocities, just another place from "back in the day" that was bought and trashed by a corp that didn't know WTF made the place what it was.

Comment Re:AltSlashdot is coming (Score 1) 23

Exactly. Sure I may have came up with the UID while reading LOTR and pissed that somebody had taken my gamertag but I ended up with the tag growing on me, so much so that I quit using my gamertag. Not that I could use my gamertag anymore anyway as it never failed that every time i posted I'd get "You sound like Hairyfeet from /.". What finally sold me on it was when twitter (old crazy twitter, i do miss him) made up "Hairyfeets" and "Hairytoes" sockpuppets, because only a few were deemed worthy of twitter puppets.

So I really don't care about what number I get but it would be nice to keep my UID, not that most who've read my posts couldn't spot my manner of speech a mile away.

Comment Re:Dice has written off Slashdot (Score 1) 156

Simple they want to make "the brand" into another Gawker and if they have to run of everybody who has been here before? So be it. Look at how few of the sub 7 digit UIDs are left, look at how they let the Anon Cowards spam and troll with zero moderation, they don't give a fuck because they plan to turn the brand into something else and they know that means burning the users they have now.

So put me down for the Slashcott and I'll be happy to contribute to any AltDot that somebody wants to fork the code and set up. If I wanted Gawker I'd go to fucking Gawker so they can take beta and shove it.

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