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Comment Re:Really?!? (Score 1) 1448

Thus, Orson Scott Card should be denied a living, he should be outcast, he should be shown no tolerance. This is kind of the start of how things go badly. A section gets denigrated, then they need to be punished, next they need to be imprisoned.

Tolerance is allowing him to spew his drivel, not paying him for it. I'm not in any way saying he shouldn't be allowed to make an ass of himself on the Internet, but if you think I'm going to pay for the privilege of being told that my partner and I should be in prison because he gets weirded out by the thought of us having sex, you've got another thing coming.

I think as much as a person should be able to campaign for gay rights, a person should be able to hold an opposing viewpoint.

Campaigning for gay rights is about giving equal treatment to everybody. Nobody gets special treatment under the law. That is most emphatically not what Card is arguing for. Gay marriage? We should all be allowed to have miserable sexless lives if that's what we choose, not just straight couples.

Comment Re:XBMC (Score 0) 221

I use Jaksta Streaming Media Recorder myself. Some may balk at the $50 price tag but you get updates including and I've seen plenty of sites where everything else would balk but Jaksta worked just fine. You can also set it to auto-convert to the format you prefer, set it to ignore files under X size so you don't end up capturing the annoying music or beeps and boops some sites have when you click on things, and I've run it on everything from a Conroe Celeron to an AMD hexacore and it just purrs like a kitten. Oh and as a nice bonus you can use any browser you like, no need for browser integration or toolbars or crap. all in all highly recommend.

As for DRM? all those that bought apple products frankly ought to be ashamed, because its Apple that is gonna end up ramming through HTML DRM and making sure nobody but the big three has access to shit. Its just like how they rammed through H.26x under the "its open!" yeah my aunt Fanny, its run by the biggest trolls since SCO, its all about making sure nothing runs that corporate doesn't get a cut of.

The only positive is that i have switched my family off the consoles and proprietary boxes so if these companies want to be douchebags at least we have choices. Don't like Steam, which i personally love? GOG and many Humble Bundles, don't like all these streaming bullshit sites? Tools like jaksta let you get around a lot of their bullshit. this is why I don't like ARM boxes, too often they are "DRM in a box" one trick ponies and if corp drops support you are royally fucked, whereas that first gen Conroe box I'm using at the shop can still play the latest media under Windows 7 with nothing but an $8 HD2400 card slapped in.

Comment Re:Yet another biased Slashdot story (Score 1) 100

Except that when i just ran the PoC it didn't crash,hang, throw an exception or do anything else, so i think this entire line of conversation is kinda moot. Then you have to add in the fact that to even get this to play you are gonna have to do things that Joe and jane average aren't even gonna think of, such as bypass the default Windows Open and Open With dialog boxes, fire up VLC, switch VLC from media to "any files" and then and ONLY then go to whatever directory its sitting in and run it.

Working for normal folks 6 days a week i can tell you the odds of all that occurring are about the same as me growing wings out my behind and flying north for cooler temps. Most folks will just "clicky clicky" which on the machines at the shop fires up MP Classic which just sits there, no crashes either. for a PoC its pretty damned weak, so far I've tried 3 different players and haven't got it to even crash anything. Hell I even tried opening it in IE, figuring if anything would crap itself it'd be good old Internet Exploiter but nope, didn't do shit...lame.

Comment Re:... citation? (Score 3, Informative) 100

Well I'm not a security expert so I can't comment on that, but what I DO have is a shitload of PCs at the shop and I can say that the VLC guy is right, I just tested the Securina "Proof Of Concept" SWF and it don't do shit under VLC. If any Securina fans are here it shows an image, the QT logo, and that's it.

I tried it on 32bit and 64bit win 7 and even the old XP box in the corner and he's right, first of all VLC won't even open it by default, won't show up in either open with nor any right click menus for that format, so you have to fire up VLC and THEN switch away from media files to all files to even see the thing in VLC and as I said when run? Nothing, hell it didn't even make VLC hang or crash.

So I'm sorry Securina but if that is your "proof" I gotta throw a flag, bullshit on the field. I haven't got any real old versions of VLC to check what it does on old versions but since VLC has had an updater in place for a couple of years now I can say that I just don't run into anybody running old versions of VLC in the wild so i don't consider that a test worth running.

Comment Re:... citation? (Score 1) 100

Not to mention as a guy that gives VLC out to Joe and Jane average I can tell ya VLC is used for local content on a local computer which as you said is all controlled by the one running the video, despite the LAN part of the title nobody I've seen have ever used it for anything but local content. Also I'm at work so can't check ATM but doesn't VLC run in lower rights than the user? i know I've never seen a UAC prompt to use VLC and it has to pop up a UAC to check for updates so if its running in low or limited permissions the best they can do is crash the player.

In any case i can say i honestly don't care what Securina says, VLC has been one of the most problem free players i have ever encountered in the many many years I've been working in retail, VLC and KLite are my to "go to" when it comes to media on a new install and if the VLC guys say its bullshit I'll give them the benefit of the doubt simply because of how damned solid they have made their player. i have put in content with funky obscure codecs that hasn't been supported by anybody in ages, VLC fired right up and played it without a glitch nor a skip, that means a lot in my position.

So if any of the VLC devs are reading this there is at least one shop owner that will trust you if you say its bogus, your player has been so solid i even keep it on my service call thumbdrive so its always there if I need it. Great job guys, truly excellent work.

Comment Re:Why? (Score 1) 289

The ONLY person moving the goalposts IS YOU. I have been posting here for ages, everyone here knows I run a RETAIL shop, and I sell to Joe and Jane Average, your Brian the backhoe operater, Bill the Bank teller, Mary the checkout girl, the people YOU HAVE TO SUPPORT if you expect Linux to EVER become more than a hobbyist niche OS like Haiku.

And what do Linux advocates call "solutions"? Sci-Linux, RHEL with its minimum $300 a year for updates, the mess and drama that is CENTOS, ironically they have NO choice but to move the goalposts because the ones that are supposedly aimed at consumers is laughably terrible, like Ubuntu whom Dell, one of the largest OEMs on the planet, couldn't keep working on a single netbook without paying a team of devs to run their own fork. Now Dell can call Shuttleworth at home if they wanted, if THEY can't get drivers that will stay working thanks to the fucked up design who in the hell can?

In case you missed the memo its consumer consumer consumer now, with everyone focusing on the consumer, yet all i get told is that your "solutions" are either targeted at niches so small that you could fit every user in your average HS gym and have seats left over, cost waaaaay more than Windows (as I said $300 a years just to get updates with RHEL which again is targeted at workstations NOT consumers) and told this is viable. Bullshit, its not, and its the reason why Walmart, Staples, Best Buy, Asus,MSI, I'll be happy to wallpaper the page with citations if you wish, they ALL tried Linux and ALL found it wanting.

Comment Re:Corporate executives are smart. (Score 1) 541

Actually I have a feeling we socialists will put the libertarians next to the rich against the walls. I've found there are only TWO kinds of libertarians, one wants a government to whip their slaves, the other wants to hire a goon squad to whip the slaves because they don't trust the government to do an effective job at slave whipping.

You name any libertarian position and it will ALWAYS end up "the rich guy wins" no matter how you spin it. I had a good back and forth with the guy from freedomainradio (which is the most ultra libertarian you want to meet) and hopefully I turned some away from that toxic belief system because it was so damned easy to show how the answer always ends up "the rich guy wins" under libertarianism. I mean for fucks sake he truly believed the way to stop crime is through insurance policies! Riiiight, and if I'm a billionaire that brings in 20 mil plus business a year to the insurance company they are REALLY gonna give a fuck if my favorite hobby is raping 16 year old peasants on the weekends, when the peasants put together isn't paying them as much in a year as i do in a week.

I'm sorry but the end result of libertarianism is just a new name for a very old concept...feudalism. Its as old as history 1.- Gather wealth by any means, 2.- Hire goon squad, 3.- become God and do what you want to the peasants. Hell I would argue the world of Rapture in Bioshock was actually a best case scenarios, more likely you would have had Ryan and Atlas splitting the place and the peasants lives would have been worth nothing. We already have made the majority of labor no longer required thanks to tech, what would you do with those people? Put them in camps?

Sorry libertarian but the future is gonna be socialism and communism NOT libertarianism. Unlimited markets create monsters, see the age of the robber barons for a perfect example. Ironic that libertarians rail against the anti-business laws PUT IN PLACE BY ROBBER BARONS who were created by the very free markets you champion. You created the monsters friend, they are your mess.

Comment Re:how about (Score 2) 255

Personally I'd love it if they stayed there but I'm also a realist, and 1.- those things won't last forever in the nasty conditions on the moon,solar winds and little meteors and the like will trash them, which IIRC scientists said the flags might last 300 years, and 2.- To a private collector those things will be worth a fortune and as we have seen time and time again if there is enough money on the table SOMEBODY will claim it.

But just FYI I don't think private ownership should be the end all be all, I sadly have just seen too much when it comes to my fellow man to think everybody will play nice and leave stuff alone because we ask. Hell look at how gourmets are happy to pay crazy prices for endangered fish, rather than let stock build back up I wouldn't be surprised if they would be happy to be the one that ate the last of this or that fish, just as i'm sure some private collector would pay a ton of money to have one of those flags behind glass for his friends to ooohh and aahh over even if they had to have a historic site trashed to get it..

Comment Re:I know the government loves to lie to us... (Score 1) 490

Hell we have undeniable proof of that friend, or have you forgotten how they had a "please stop ignoring us" petition on

Time and time again we have seen the will of the people ignored, the vast majority say they are against amnesty for illegals, just as they were against the last amnesty, they are ignored, the vast majority didn't want to keep tax breaks for the top 5%, they were ignored, the vast majority is for getting rid of the loopholes and corporate welfare, ignored, against too big to fail, ignored, time after time after fucking TIME have we seen the will of the people ignored.

My grandmother rest her soul voted for nearly 60 years but refused the last decade and a half of her life,why? because even SHE, a little old country gal that believed in the good in people said "What is the point? all they do is ignore us and do what they want when they get there" and no truer words were ever spoken, they just lie their asses off until they get the comfy job where they can cash the checks and give the people the finger. What are you gonna do, fire them for one of their golfing buddies? they'll get a cushy lobbyist job for being a good sellout and the next guy will cash the checks and give you the bird.

Comment Re:I know the government loves to lie to us... (Score 1) 490

Not only that but its not a "slippery slope" (God how I hate that bullshit, its become an instant debate blocker like calling someone a troll or shill, and is used often where it makes NO fucking sense) when we have EVIDENCE that its part of a trend!

Already you see talks of fat taxes, NYC tell you what size of soda you may have, that is NOT a slippery slope as its the SAME SHIT we have seen over and over AND OVER, they go after a group that too few will stand up for and then those laws "supposedly" aimed only at that group is then turned slowly but surely about and used on ever larger numbers.

I mean has everybody already forgotten how PATRIOT and other spying programs were ONLY for foreign terrorists? Now we find that its been used to spy on nuns that protested the war, women who gave lectures on constitutional rights, again government NEVER gets smaller ONLY bigger and the same goes for the scope of their programs. Well its the same thing here, they use the "healthcare" excuse first to go after smokers, then fatties, next those that don't carry enough insurance (how in the fuck this isn't extortion i don't know) and it just keeps getting bigger and affecting more until you ALL end up running afoul of it in some way.

So I would say there is a BIG fucking difference between a slippery slope and this, with a slope you are saying "because of X we'll have Z" but in this case we have already seen X and now Y (the excuses used for smokers now being aimed at those that don't hit some metric like BMI) so saying that Z comes after Y isn't a slope, its just looking at history and showing the patterns. I mean how many of you even a decade ago would have believed a state would have the right to tell you how much beverage you are allowed to buy? or that those that use a 100% legal substance can be arrested in their homes or even have their children taken away? This isn't some fallacy, we are seeing it happening right now in places along the coasts and again it NEVER gets smaller, ONLY bigger.

Comment Re:I know the government loves to lie to us... (Score 1) 490

Its a shame it was another coward that posted his bullshit as i would have told him the same thing I told my senator and I urge ALL OF YOU to make the same "modest proposal" and see how quick they change the subject!

I will sign an IRONCLAD contract in front of 20 witnesses that says if I get ANY form of cancer or illness as direct result or even indirect result of lifestyle choices the ONLY treatment I will get is generic morphine, the cheapest drug there is, and in return you take ALL sin and nanny taxes off me for life,deal?

Watch how fucking quick they will RUN, change the subject, dodge, do anything and everything rather than answer you because THEY KNOW its not got a damned thing to do with healthcare, its about feeding out of control spending and more control for the elite. if its about healthcare why are cigars taxed so much cheaper? because fat cats like those, you fucking peasant!

I urge ALL who reads this to take my modest proposal and make it your own and ask YOUR elected officials to agree, nothing rips the mask off their lies quicker than offering to step away from their "support", you watch, not a single one will even answer you!

Comment Re:Better yet! (Score 1) 70

That is why all the old guys at NASA always impressed the hell out of me, the amount of work they could get out of such weak hardware was frankly AMAZING, can you even imagine what a Phenom X6 or i7 could do running nothing but machine code? Hell everyone should try that little OS made in machine code "Kolibri OS" IIRC as you can take a 1GHz P3 and it'll just smoke many modern systems thanks to how close to bare metal that thing runs, its just nuts how bloated all the OSes and programs are now compared to what they could do back then.

Comment Re:28? (Score 1) 90

Well i think it was more about how moz used the FOSS method of versioning which in all honesty? Kinda made more sense. You had full number changes like 4 to 5 for major releases and the whole "dot odd is testing, dot even is stable" which made it easy at a glance to see whether you were running bleeding edge or stable, whereas with Chrome any changes they do warrant a full version number which at this rate they will be up to triple digit release numbers in no time.

But you are right that the Chromium based really didn't seem to use the numbers so the extensions didn't get shit on every time you turned around, I've been using Comodo Dragon since Version 2 and its now up to 27.2 and none of my extensions or themes have ever broke because of updates whereas the last year I was using FF it seemed like every time i turned around one of my extensions or themes was getting broken by an update,VERY irritating.

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