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Comment Re:28? (Score 1) 90

Well i think it was more about how moz used the FOSS method of versioning which in all honesty? Kinda made more sense. You had full number changes like 4 to 5 for major releases and the whole "dot odd is testing, dot even is stable" which made it easy at a glance to see whether you were running bleeding edge or stable, whereas with Chrome any changes they do warrant a full version number which at this rate they will be up to triple digit release numbers in no time.

But you are right that the Chromium based really didn't seem to use the numbers so the extensions didn't get shit on every time you turned around, I've been using Comodo Dragon since Version 2 and its now up to 27.2 and none of my extensions or themes have ever broke because of updates whereas the last year I was using FF it seemed like every time i turned around one of my extensions or themes was getting broken by an update,VERY irritating.

Comment Re:Corporate executives are smart. (Score 1) 541

Yes I do and here is why, because when the jobs are all going temp, with 41,000 factories sent overseas since 2001, what do both parties have for talking points? Mexicans and gays, 2 things the big corps could give a wet fat fuck about!

So I'm sorry Mrs AC (seriously make a fucking account dude, it takes like 3 minutes and you can put in any bullshit you want) but just as pro wrestling has their "drama" which is in reality shit neither guy gives a rat fuck about so too is the only "differences" you are allowed to have only on shit big corps don't give a fuck about. Big corps don't give a fuck about Mexicans, they can hire illegals all day long and any bill passed won't be allowed to change that, and they could care even less about what some gay does in their bedroom.

If you want proof how rigged it REALLY is, and this is coming from someone that leans socialist and hates libertarians (I think they come in 2 flavors, one that wants a gov to whip the slaves, the other wants to hire a goon squad to do the whipping) just look up "Jon Stewart Ron Paul" to see the entire MSM in any place he was doing even slightly well turn Paul into Voldemort, Stewart even has a clip of an entire round table talking about the first,second, and FOURTH place finishers and not once do they ever even admit that third place existed! Follow that up with Alex Jones on Ron Paul, while Jones may be a nutter most of the time he has footage showing the RNC voice vote that would have allowed the Paul party to be heard had the RESULTS ON THE PROMPTER before the vote was even cast!

So I'm sorry AC, you are merely being fooled by the Kayfabe and anything that would affect the bottom line, disparities in free trade, corporate bribery of elected officials, the rising income gap, NONE of that is allowed on the table. Its like George Carlin said "You know why things never get any better no matter who you vote for? because the OWNERS want it that way!" and he was sadly 100% correct.

Comment Re:Corporate executives are smart. (Score 1) 541

Uhhh...Obamacare is damned near a copy of Romneycare and BOTH were written by The Heritage Foundation. Look them up you'll see its a RIGHT WING think tank and they pretty much wrote the whole thing and Obama merely stumped for their package.

Do a little digging dude and you'll quickly find its ALL Kayfabe to get the masses like the troll above foaming, the actual so called "left leaning" shit passed under Obama was actually written by the right and the same top 0.1% make out like bandits under those policies. At the end of the day Ventura summed it up when he talked about his time in office "Its no different than pro wrestling, you have a couple of talking points that let your heel and face have something to argue about but when the camera is off they go to lunch with the same lobbyist who tells them what to pass this week".

Comment Re:Corporate executives are smart. (Score 1) 541

You are correct that "meet the new boss" isn't apt alright, a MUCH better analogy would be "Bush The Sequel" because all he did was take everything Bush was for and made it bigger, nastier, and more fascist leaning, no different than how a sequel always seem to take the main beats of a movie and just amps up the action.

Comment Re:lack of unions and workers rights (Score 1) 541

No the difference is one of decency and simple human kindness. I have a customer that works as a food server in a college, probably one of the most menial jobs that there is. When i was laid up for a week a couple of months back with a skull splitting migraine and I had to tell my customers i wouldn't be in for a few days i got emails from a couple of the rich ones that basically said "be in tomorrow or fuck you we'll go somewhere else"...you wanna know what I got from the lowly food server "Hey brah, sorry to hear that you are sick man, brought you some supper and a joint, that is what always helps with my headaches".

So THAT is the difference and it is all the difference in the world, the rich ones wouldn't fucking piss on you if you were on fire whereas the poor ones? Are not only grateful for the help (completely the opposite of the propaganda of worthless poor you are fed daily) but will go out of their way to repay even the smallest kindness whereas the rich just expect it because they are just soo fucking much BETTER than you, you worthless peasant piss ant.

The nice 22 inch widescreen in my apt? Was given to me free brand new by a small business owner that is lucky to break even half the time,when the guy had a fire at his home and lost everything but the clothes on his back and the backup (which I had wisely told him to keep in another location) I pulled an old P4 tower along with all the accessories and told him to not worry about it, just worry about his business and dealing with the insurance companies and when he got his insurance check just bring the box back and I'd build him another home system. When he got the check he had me build him a new system for his home office (which he insisted on paying me $100 above my price for) then asked me to go with him to our local Office Depot because he wanted to see the screens up close to get a sense of size and wasn't sure about the specs. I picked him out a nice 22 inch 1600x900 that would be the perfect fit for his home office and he bought two, well i just figured he was buying a spare. When we got to our vehicles he handed me the other one and said "I insist, you gave me a hand when I needed one and I don't forget those that treat me right".

And THAT is why I would rather work for a 1000 working poor than for a dozen rich, because i have found that simple human kindness and decency comes back five fold with the poor,with the rich you are just looked down on with contempt because you are one of THEM, not one of US, total elitist douchebaggery at its finest.

Comment Re:I know the government loves to lie to us... (Score 5, Insightful) 490

Been trying to warn folks for years that the smokers were the canaries in the coal mine but nobody listened. Look at your history folks, government ALWAYS gets bigger, NEVER smaller. Look at places like NYC telling you how big of a soda you are allowed to have and talks of sugar taxes and fat taxes, all under the "its because of healthcare" bullshit excuse.

This is one of the most wasteful governments in world history folks, we are paying for illegals, we are paying billions to third world thugs to benefit this or that big business, paying paying Uber Millionaires like David Letterman not to grow crops on the acres he bought as a tax writeoff, hell we recently got to pay close to 3 million dollars for EPA to fix a simple malware infection WITH A SHOTGUN...look it up, I'm NOT shitting you, their answer to a simple malware infection was to pay nearly a million to a "consulting" firm and when the consulting firm couldn't wave a magic wand and give them a guarantee that they could make the PCs 100% clean without a wipe they took a sledge to the PCs, the printers, even the fucking monitors...your tax dollars at work folks.

So you better start standing the fuck up for the smokers, because just as they use the "terrorist" and "pedo" magic words to pass laws they end up using to Big bro your ass so too are they using smokers to pass laws they will later use to tell you how many slices of pizza you are allowed to have or they'll tax the fuck out of you, because of "healthcare" of course. Remember the rule folks, ALWAYS bigger,NEVER smaller.

Comment Re:Why? (Score 1) 289

How is it a "troll" to show you are saying "My boat gets great gas mileage" when the topic is trucks? because that is EXACTLY what you did friend.,/p>

First of all, from the Sci-Linux page...SL is a Linux release put together by Fermilab, CERN, and various other labs and universities around the world. Its primary purpose is to reduce duplicated effort of the labs, and to have a common install base for the various experimenters.....Now WTF does that have to do with consumer desktops? i really wanna know how something designed for HPC particle work is relevant to this conversation.

As for CENTOS, first of all its a RIPOFF made by a company that USED to buy RHEL and then decided to rip out the trademarks and sell it on their hardware, feel free to look it up, and have you already forgotten how the entire project shut down for nearly 2 months like a year and a half a ago because ONE GUY bailed? Have you already forgotten the mad scramble as those cheapskates that had been using CENT over RHEL had to make a mad run looking for a replacement? yeah THAT is whom I wanna trust, a ripoff company that is run so shitty a single guy bails and it nearly goes tits up...nice.

And again i want to hear WTF has ANY of that got to do with consumer desktops? Last I checked RHEL was a SERVER and WORKSTATION OS, with a VERY limited focus on...surprise! Server and workstation applications, which FYI that NONE of the consumers are gonna be fucking using! Consumers DON'T BUY $1000 workstations, they DON'T USE workstation or server applications, you might as well have said "here replace that laptop with this router" for all the good that suggestion is!

At LEAST try to stay on the topic which is "consumer desktops" which HAS TO run on consumer hardware, HAS TO run programs geared towards the consumer and HAS TO be solid and reliable enough that it will last the user without needing CLI bullshit or Googling for fixes for the average life of a system, which is now 5-7 years depending on the hardware. at the end of the day your "solution" simply doesn't do the job required, no different than that guy that told me with a straight face and with all sincerity that I should move consumers onto RHEL and have them pay $300 a year support contracts so they can have the 'freedom" of running Linux...LOL.

Comment Re:lack of unions and workers rights (Score 0) 541

Sadly I think that would be a paradise, but it will never be, because i have met the enemy and money is their God. for that kind of paradise to exist there would have to be a major culling of those at the top because i have met them,even worked in their homes, and the one thing they love more than their wealth is how it lets them look down upon others.

Hell look at the whole Paula Deen blowup, even the girl that started it all said it wasn't about race, it was about class, with Deen treating EVERYBODY that wasn't in her tax bracket as a nigger, no matter what the color of their skin. I have seen rich people trash practically new clothes rather than let a poor person have them, seen them have a giant catered affair and throw out a good 80% of it with a foodbank just down the road that would have been happy to take every bite, while i have met some truly nice rich people i have met way more that practically cum at the thought of those beneath them doing without, the world would be a better place without them in my opinion but to get to the utopia you describe you will have to get rid of them, they will NEVER give up being "superior" to the rest of us.

As for what would happen to those masses if such a utopia were allowed? the same thing that keeps them happy now only on a much more massive scale...virtual reality and the cyber world. after all there the ugly are beautiful, the weak are strong, like the Bruce Willis movie Surrogates they will spend most of their time living an ideal life, only there they can fly, be the hero, get the girl, nobody will give a shit that its not "real" because it will be their ultimate fantasies fulfilled.

Of course there will always be a need for guys like me, the guys that go around fixing things,but I LIKE fixing things and if doing so let people live a happier life while giving me plenty of free time for my music? Then as long as the state made sure I could get the supplies i want to make music as well as keep a roof over my head I'd be happy to keep fixing things until the end of my days. I'd just come home to my little GF who would rub my shoulders while I enjoyed her home cooking and would be quite happy, I don't need to be "above" others to be happy and would be quite content to keep right on fixing, learning a long time ago that money truly can't buy real happiness.

Comment Re:employers don't want to paying for health insur (Score 2) 541

Funny you should mention that because my oldest, which is as "true believer" as you can get now refuses to step into ANY church because he sat there in shock as they basically proclaimed their love for Supply Side Jesus and spoke of their disdain for the poor. In one church they asked him when he was walking out why he was leaving and he said "I know this place, its the same kind of place Jesus took a whip to, you can't worship money and God in the same breath". Man what I wouldn't have given to see that!

Comment Re:Corporate executives are smart. (Score 1) 541

Exactly and the troll can rant about "dumbocrats" or whatever spoonfed shit he has been handed by faux news but in reality there is ONLY ONE PARTY, and that is the pro corporate fascist party, and its been that way for a good 30 or 40 years now.

In my own state the pundits had a living shitfit over the "DINO" that kissed the corporate ass, so they ran her out...only to get a RINO that kisses the corporate ass. THAT is your choice, its not even Coke VS pepsi, its Coke in a can VS Coke in a bottle, at the end of the day the same 0.01% get the money, the same names behind the scenes, the same disparity, the same ever widening gulf between the top and everyone else.

At the end of the day I say look to the east, look at the Arab Springs for that IS our future, when those at the top have stolen the last dime they possibly can and left the poor with nothing and cut off what little aid they had THEN we shall see REAL change, as the masses rise up and hang the rich that are stupid enough not to "get to teh choppa!" from the nearest tree. This is why NO empire lasts forever, you can only tilt things so far out of alignment before the whole rotten mess comes tumbling down. I truly believe it will happen in my lifetime,maybe even within the next 20 years if the stock market bubble they have been blowing since the 80s finally pops.

Comment Re:Expect more of this. (Score 1) 608

Well it'll certainly be "disincentive" when they have the first double flop in the history of the company. I have already heard from customers that if they keep metro? don't bother even calling them, they are ALL gonna pass. Not that I can blame 'em, they offered nothing good with win 8 and a shitload of bad when compared to Win 7 so like my customers I'm just gonna skip it, if they offer it for $40 or less i might get a copy to run in a VM to better learn how to work on the few that cross my path but honestly every person that has walked through my door with a Win 8 machine has only wanted ONE thing, and that is for me to remove it for Win 7.

I wonder if in a few years we'll talk of "The Ballmer Effect" because i have never seen a corp just pushed right off the cliff by the CEO, he seems damned determined to either become Apple or commit corporate suicide and of course the latter is the only outcome available, as nobody is gonna pay crazy money for Windows walled gardens. I only hope that the rumor isn't true that the board can't get enough voting shares to get rid of the fat bastard because otherwise we are gonna end up losing X86 to dumb terminals like Chrome OS. I always wanted a "third way" but not by replacing one shitty company with an equally shitty company but that is what it looks like we are gonna get, all because Ballmer thinks he can become Jobs if he just acts like a big enough asshole.

If MSFT doesn't turn back when 2020 rolls around the death of Win 7 will be the death of MSFT, because from what I'm seeing those "100 million licenses sold" are being thrown in the trash, with every shop going "Look we have Windows 7 here!". I know I won't be carrying win 8.1, learned that lesson with win 8 when folks would buy a system with half the power just because it had Win 7 instead of 8,not gonna waste space on a product people don't want.

Comment Re:Corporate executives are smart. (Score 4, Insightful) 541

If you think Obama is a D I have some swampland in Florida you might be interested in, what we have is simply Bush's third and fourth term which is how those at the top wanted it to go.

I mean do you honestly think its a coincidence that Obama supported every jack booted policy that Bush supported, increased spying, increased drone strikes, and pretty much ended up more right wing than the right wing itself? He cashed the check and read from the cue card just like the last guy and the guy before that and so on for several decades now.

There is a REASON why no matter who is in the white house Goldman Sachs is running the fed, why a handful of guys on Wall Street can gamble like its Las Vegas and when they lose we get told they're "too big to fail" and why no matter who you vote for things NEVER get better, only worse. If you honestly and truly believe the right wing gives a flying piss about you when you are not one of the 0.01% I hate to break the news to ya, but they don't and neither does the so called "left".

Every time i see a rant like yours I'm reminded of the late great Bill Hicks "Well I believe the puppet on the left shares MY beliefs! Well I believe the puppet on the right has MY interests at heart....hey wait a minute, there is one guy working both puppets!". There is a reason why all empires fall friend and you are seeing it right before your eyes, those at the top always become too greedy and tilt things so badly out of alignment that the whole thing comes crashing down.

Comment Re:employers don't want to paying for health insur (Score 1) 541

And I hate to say it but being in the trenches i can say its true, the reason is Obamacare which i said before it passed was gonna be a disaster, and wadda ya know? it is.

What we NEEDED was a single payer option and caps on the crazy drug and insurance prices, what we GOT is practically a love letter to those same drug and insurance companies so all the businesses are just making everybody short timers. in the past few months i don't think I've had a single customer under 40 that is getting full time anymore, they ALL have been cut to less than 30. this is really hurting a lot of families and i expect to see disability and food stamp rolls explode as folks scrabble to get on the dole just to survive.

So don't buy the bullshit they are selling on the coasts folks, here in the heartland I can tell you things are pretty fucking bad. I have a feeling we are gonna be seeing a "dead kid and old folk" summer as the weaker kids drop and the old folks cook because their families can no longer pay the bill for the AC thanks to being put on short time, everything from construction to services are either letting folks go and replacing with short timers or are just making sure no employee gets above 30 but in both cases its really hurting the working poor folks, its really getting bad here in the flyover states.

Comment Re:lack of unions and workers rights (Score 1) 541

This is what I have been arguing for years, capitalism, like communism and every other ism that came before MUST die, simply because technology will make all but a handful of super geniuses that invent new machines pointless.

I have no doubt many that are being born today will NEVER have a job simply because their labor just isn't required, giant farms with machines run by GPS will do the production with but a handful of workers, likewise RFID will make most of the retail jobs pointless as you'll just push a cart through a scanner and it will be totaled up, even construction will probably go the way of the 8-track as the costs for natural resources will make prefabrication of energy efficient homes the best and most affordable choice.

The only question to me is whether capitalism will die a peaceful death like the old USSR with communism, or go down in a bloody war to the death as fascism did in the 1940s. I certainly hope its the former but considering how entrenched the greedy are at the top and how PMCs are giving those with money access to armies that frankly rival many countries? i have a nasty feeling it'll end up full scale class warfare before its all over and capitalism finally is laid to rest as the relic from the past it is quickly becoming.

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