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Comment Re:Aaand, dead to me. (Score 1) 93

But thanks for quoting the (sic) ONLY HALF OF A SENTENCE

Do you know what a "sentence" is? I ask because I definitely quoted it in it's entirety, with the sole exception of omitting the period...

Let's try another quote:

In 1942: " Burckhardt added that since there was no place where they could be resettled, this could only mean one thing."

Except that really wasn't true, until Madagascar was recaptured by the British in November 1942:


Perhaps not everyone shares your devotion to avoiding civil service and shirking responsibility?

That doesn't change the fact that being excluded from responsibilities is hardly persecution.

Comment Re:Aaand, dead to me. (Score 2) 93

The Red Cross knew about the concentration camps in Germany during WWII, but did nothing to help them. Yes, there's proof.

Your link says in no uncertain terms: "Unfortunately, documentary evidence is incomplete and leaves room for uncertainty"

they also won't accept blood donations from gay men

That's not really persecution there... Being able to skip-out on blood drives and ditch military conscription seem like POSITIVES to me.

Now, if they wouldn't give TRANSFUSIONS *to* gay men, that would be something different entirely.

Comment Re:so green (Score 1) 282

This assumes that you have a separate dryer, which assumes that you have space for a washer and a dryer...

I've looked-up combined washer/dryers, and they're incredibly expensive compared to separate units, which doesn't seem to match-up with your tiny, stolen refrigerator. And you can't really claim you don't have space, as you can always get a smaller and smaller (and stackable) washer/dryer pair.

(with a link that doesn't work)

That link is still working just fine.

When I moved house 3 years ago, I bought a new fridge and spent about 15% of that, including delivery.

I can't imagine how you did that... Even one about half that size is still $370. I'd be impressed to get a new mini-fridge or electric ice-chest (without freezer) for $75.

However, while an interesting distraction, that doesn't change my point in the slightest. If you've got a small refrigerator using less power, there's even less money (<$4) to be gained by your smart-grid idea. And with a lower-priced refrigerator, the cost of the additions would be even less-well hidden in the current price.

Comment Re:so green (Score 1) 282

Most of the time when I run the washing machine, I want the clothes clean today, I don't care particularly when.

I'm pretty sure that's not true for nearly anybody else.

No idea when it's going to start washing means you have no idea when to go in and move them to the dryer. And since you have no idea when the dryer will start, you have no idea when you'll need to come and take them out. 9pm? 2am?

These delays will also be multiplied by how many loads of laundry you're trying to get done that day, making it a completely unworkable scheme for most households.

you can either advance or delay the chilling by quite a bit without affecting the temperature. You can also run the compressor and chill the coolant a bit in advance of needing it,

No. Unless you think 10 minutes is quite a bit of time. Fluctuations in ambient temperatures (day versus night), frequency of access, and items being added/removed will substantially change the interior temperatures in very short order. If the compressor doesn't come on RIGHT AWAY, you're going to very quickly have frozen items melting, and refrigerated items going above the proper temperatures, and spoiling more quickly.

And predicting the future is a similarly bad idea. The thermostat can detect a temperature rise, then a few minutes later, the temperature could drop below the target, as cold items are removed and re-added, or the thermostat is subject to stray warm air pockets. So when you turn on the compressor in advance, you either risk over-chilling the contents, or you store that cold somewhere, and don't utilize it before it warms again.

you'd likely recoup that in a year if electricity prices fluctuated by 10% during the day.

I can't imagine how you calculated that... Looking-up a basic $500 refrigerator, I see an EnergyGuide rating of $41/yr. A 10% savings would be $4.10. You can't add practically ANYTHING to the design of that refrigerator for $4, never mind extra computer controls that are going to plot and predict future power demands, and the data connection to interface with this smart grid to tell it when electricity is cheaper...

Comment Re:I don't know how to feel about this. (Score 1) 1143

The very link I pointed out. How astute of you.

Oh, so now YOU pointed it out, huh? And here I though THAT SAME LINK WAS IN MY FIRST POST, WHICH YOU REPLIED TO.


But since you're busy making-up imaginary "facts" all over the place, it really shouldn't surprise me at this point.

Comment Re:Can't solder to it (Score 1) 37

That's only due to the limitations of the materials they used: had they used a flexible material that could stand the heat of soldering they could solder the parts. Or if they used a printer that had a straight path through it they could use conventional PCB material.

Commercial board making services are great, I use them - but when you want to test a prototype right now this evening, it would be great to have something that doesn't require the usual toner transfer/UV type processing and ferric chloride etching. Much less messy to stick a blank board in a printer.

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