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Linux Business

Red Hat CEO Says Economic Crisis Favors Open Source 191

arashtamere writes "Red Hat president and CEO Jim Whitehurst predicts the enterprise open source software business will emerge from the economic crisis stronger than the proprietary market. 'I've had a couple of conversations with CIOs who said, "We're a Microsoft shop and we don't use any open source whatsoever, but we're already getting pressure to reduce our operating costs and we need you to help put together a plan for us to... use open source to reduce our costs." And we've had other customers literally looking at ripping and replacing WebLogic or WebSphere for JBoss ... I think we'll know in about six to nine months but there is no question that open source will come out of this in relatively better shape than our proprietary competitors,' he told Computerworld."

Comment why would she work for IBM... she works for me :) (Score 5, Interesting) 340

At least I've paid her a couple of times and I suspect others have done the same. There are some very convenient donation links on Groklaw and for every donation I have sent so far I have received a friendly "thankyou" email. But even if she *did* work for IBM, that wouldn't change the facts of the case and I would still enjoy reading the legal analysis, which is pretty sound once you take out the sometimes over the top OSS "fangirlism" that I occasionally find a bit annyoing.
Input Devices

Submission + - Surface Wave Touch Technology might be next

ranga_the_don writes: "
Hugo Ortega of UberTablet provides us with an in-depth look at "Surface Wave Technology", a touchscreen that "registers coordinates by interacting with a sound wave that crosses the screen." Video after the jump. Quite literally X and Y coordinates (cursor movements) are recorded by someone breaking this Sound Wave by placing their finger on the screen

Submission + - The future of Creative and the sound card market

Hanners writes: "Elite Bastards investigates the future of Creative Labs, and in particular their PC sound card business, which is facing a number of big challenges during 2007. Windows Vista has seen some large changes to the driver model required by audio devices, the abilities of on-board solutions have improved somewhat, and the amount of competition in the market place has ballooned. So what does all of this mean for the traditional leader of this market? As well as outlining all of these issues, they speculate as to what measures Creative may need to take to thrive once more in this changing market."

Submission + - Xbox 360 lacks precautions measures to prevent scr

janp writes: "The Dutch TV program Kassa asked Hardware.Info to investigate the complaints of many Xbox 360 owners that their console scratches their gamediscs and renders them useless. Although they couldn't reproduce the problem completely, Hardware.Info did find out that the Xbox lacks some precaution measures that prevents the lens from scratching discs: where many PC DVD-drives have a sort of cushions around the lens that prevent scratching, the Xbox 360 drive doesn't provide any safety measures whatsoever. Kassa received hundreds of complaints and is now preparing a legal claim against Microsoft."

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