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Comment RIP Steve Jobs, you will be missed. (Score 1) 1613

You brought is the Apple and Macintosh line of computers. You gave us digital downloads and iPods. Then you showed us iPhones and iPods to stay connected. We owe much of your day to day lives to visionaries such as yourself. I started programming on a C-64 and Apple IIe. My first professional computer was a Mac IIfx. I am raising my glass to you.



Kongregate App Pulled From Android Market 139

itwbennett writes "Last week Google took a page from Apple's book and pulled the Arcade by Kongregate app from the Android Market for violating its terms of service. In particular, the part that forbids distributing 'any Product whose primary purpose is to facilitate the distribution of Products outside of the Market.' As Kongregate's Jim Greer explained to Joystiq, the app is essentially a custom web browser that loads in a Flash game from the mobile version of Kongregate. Plus, it will cache the game so you can play offline. And this may be the feature that got it yanked, speculates Ryan Kim at GigaOm."

Comment Encrypt the data for starters (Score 1) 332

PCI (Payment Card Industry) will deal with this eventually, as traffic should be encrypted from the reader to the backoffice server or whatever brokers the transaction to the payment processor. What needs to be done is encrypt the card information at the reader at the pump, even if the information is transmitted via serial connection (out of PCI scope today). Prudent companies keep the keys to the gas pumps secure as well as do at least daily checks on the pumps (crack the box, look for skimmer).
I suspect this type of skimming is more prevalent that is getting press for.

Comment Re:Copyright BS (Score 1) 605

The answer to your question: The Berne Convention [], which affixes copyright on anything written down anywhere. Really. This comment is copywritten by yours truly thanks to that rule and that fun text at the bottom of the page, and as such if I were wealthy and a complete jerk I could sue someone for infringement if someone decided to plagiarize me.

Come and get me!

Comment Including backpack... (Score 1) 767

I have the following personal items: 1 1GB Thunbdrive 1 Analog watch (takes a battery) 1 Sony Clie/PalmPilot And the following work provided items: 1 cell phone (Palm Treo 700w) 1 IBM Thinkpad r51 1 RSA SecureID token (VPN access) Since I'm on call for work, those items are generally always with me, except for trips to the store. The total of those items is over $2000.

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