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Comment ext3 (Score 2, Informative) 484

I go with ext3 for this personally. NTFS doesn't store *nix style filesystem permissions, and causes various other issues with you Linux systems. With ext3, you can store all your files with all of your permissions intact, the filesystem is mature and trustworthy, and you can still access all of the files from any operating system by simply connecting the drives to a dedicated fileserver machine (an older computer or small device works perfectly for this). Simply share your files via NFS, Samba and ftp (if you need ftp access for something like xmbc). Having a dedicated machine for this means you can also script your replication to the secondary drive, so that you only have to attach the drive for the mirroring process to take place.

This is the solution I've been using for about four years now, and it works great for me.

Comment Software solution, no hardware required (Score 1) 549

That's easy! Switch them to Linux, where the devs weren't too shortsighted to realize that it would be a good idea to make everything on the desktop scalable. I run at my native resolution, which would make things a bit small for me, but all I have to do is set the monitor DPI to a higher value than actual, and everything appears at a nice, easily readable size.

Comment Mac Mini (Score 1) 438

How about a Mac Mini with a remote control? They have good audio hardware, you can connect it to your network wirelessly, and you can use Mac OS X, Linux or Windows on it for playing audio. They're also small, nearly silent, and women think they're cute.

Comment I've noticed this myself (Score 1) 567

This is why I only ask musicians who are good at what they do for advice on audio equipment. If you want to know what's good, you have to ask a musician who's passionate about music. Musicians know what the music is supposed to sound like because they've spent countless hours learning songs and practicing their craft. By listening to them, I have a setup that's so good it's made me turn and look behind me more than a few times because I swore the noise was made by something in the room.

KRK Rokit Studio monitors with a BBE Sonic Maximizer, in case you're wondering.

Submission + - Colour-blind monkeys blind no more (scientificamerican.com)

lessthan writes: Two naturally color-blind squirrel monkeys, Dalton and Sam, can now see their food—and the world—in full color, after a decade of study by a husband and wife research team who treated them with gene therapy.

The researchers injected the gene-carrying virus into the monkeys' eyes. In about 20 weeks they attained full color vision and have shown no harmful side effects. Although their vision didn't quite reach that of monkeys born with normal genes, Neitz notes that the weakness might be attributable to the need for improvement on the human end in perfecting the treatment.

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