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Comment Loss Prevention (Score 1) 655

TSA should be forced to implement a loss prevention program at each airport. Screeners would only be permitted to inspect checked luggage in a highly monitored area. Companies like SAIC could then sell them a centralized video monitoring service to oversee the inspections and report suspicious behavior. Corporate taxes should foot the bill and then make some money back on the service.
Data Storage

Submission + - EMC's CEO blames social networking for data deluge

Lucas123 writes: "In a keynote speech used to unveil a new $1 million disk array, EMC President and CEO Joe Tucci said data centers are being flooded by not only traditional business data but a slew content from digital cameras, phones and personal devices. Tucci also pointed to online social networking communities such as Facebook, Youtube, MySpace, Flickr, and LinkedIn as part of the problem. 'Tucci said, disk-based recovery will continue to trump tape-based recovery operations in terms of cost, functionality and speed. "I'll bet you anything you want that going forward more and more, virtually all [data] recovery will come off of disk and not on tape," Tucci said.'"

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