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Comment So? (Score 5, Insightful) 397

The article seemed a bit misleading. It made it sound like the game was dependent on races having all class types available for RVR, when it's not. It would be like saying Alliance in WoW is in trouble because they removed the ability for Gnomes to be priests. In WAR there are two factions, Order and Destruction. Order has the Ironbreaker and the Swordmaster as tanks, the White Lion and the Witch Hunter as melee dps. Destruction has the Black Orc and Chosen as tanks, the Witch Elf and Marauder as melee dps. Just because particular races don't have tanks doesn't mean the faction doesn't have tanks for the RVR.

Submission + - Notebooks moving to 4 GB standard.

akintayo writes: Digitimes reports that first-tier notebook manufactures are increasing the standard installed memory from the current 1 GB standard to 4GB. They claim the move is an attempt to shore up the costs of DRAM chips, which are currently depressed because of a glut in market. The glut is supposedly due to increased manufacturing capacity and the slow adoption of Microsoft's Vista operating system. The proposed move is interesting given that 32-bit Vista and XP cannot access 4 GB of memory, rather they have a practical 3.1 — 3.3 GB limit. The difference is due to the fact that the address range being used for memory-mapped I/O is within the 32-bit address space, and apparent driver problems using address remapping. With Vista SP1 it seems that Microsoft has decided to fix the problem by reporting the installed memory rather than the available memory.

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