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Comment Re:120 miles? (Score 2, Interesting) 555

I do, actually. I own one. It's still no pure EV due to it's extremely limited electric range and very high dependence on the gasoline motor. If I could get my hands on a RAV4-EV, GM EV1, Honda EVPlus, or Hyundai Santa Fe-EV I would gladly trade in my Prius in a heart beat. I'm looking forward to the upcoming EV wars between Tesla, GM, Toyota, Mitsubishi, and Smart. If Toyota wants to do battle they'll need to give us a Prius that relies more on electricity similar to the Chevy Volt. The technology exists today to give us 200 miles of pure electric driving in the current Prius shape due to it's light weight and aerodynamics. Mitsubishi is already testing a full electric prototype called the i-MiEV and Smart has many Smart-EVs in testing with corporate fleets in London. There may be no government requirements for these things but people are beginning to vote with their dollars and whoever can provide a cheap, long range, mass produced electric car first is going to be very well off financially.

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