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Comment Depends on the term "Property" (Score 1) 312

It's pretty Vague, but using the term unbroken I assume it means "Personal Property" not including Homes or Land. If so than I might fit the 5000 with 4 cars, furnature from a 3 bedroom victorian (9 rooms in all, all rooms furnished and furnished basement home theater), and throw in all the personal other stuff like computers/tvs/clothes.

If it implies all "property" then 5000 is not enough....

Comment Re:Okay, I'll ask first: (Score 1) 211

<quote>It's something that EA is giving out 3-day passes to for beta testing. It consists of a 10GB download and contains quests.</quote>

Actually, not 10Gb, it's 30+Gb.

For those that don't know what it is, it's the New StarWars MMO comming out on December 20th (if you preorder you get early access, and it's estimated that there may be as many as 1 Million pre orders already). It's based 3000 years before the movies, 300 years after the original SW: Knights of the Old Republic game from Bioware.

And I'm in Full beta (not NDA breaking to say your in). and all I can say to the poster is. Pick a class and play. You'll find it's a joy to play, there is no feeling of "Grinding" like in most/all other MMOs. You'll find that your leveling without even realizing it, as the Story is everything. you'll find yourself pushing yourself forward to hear more of the story, beyond the push to get levels...

Comment Re:Have any of you read any other articles? (Score 1) 328

I played WoW solid for the past 6+ years (since Beta), Granted I did not buy the new expansion, but they may have changed things on the last 5 levels for leveling, but there is no way your telling me that If I went in and bought a copy and leveled a Wargen from level 1 that it would be 90% grindfest till level cap. I have an 80 of every class, with precata max levels in every crafting professions, and gear well into the Icecrown levels on all of them.

Comment Re:Have any of you read any other articles? (Score 1) 328

Fully Voiced comment: Yes I should have limited it to MMO. No other MMO in History is fully voiced.. Fallout(series)and DR2 are solo games.

EQ2 and LotRO, yes story lines, however, they are short and scattered through your questing. WoW even has class quests. However for TORO we are not talking about a tutorial, your entire storyline is different for each class, from begining to end. Yes there are shared quests, as there are planet quests, etc, but the story you get is different that the one a different class may have. though the quest end result may be shared.

Example, I'm on a class quest and talking to an NPC, I do all the interaction, the others get nothing. but if they are partied with they can help me torwards my goal, and if they also have something to do with the same I'll be helping them even if not on the same actuall quest.

Comment Have any of you read any other articles? (Score 1) 328

I've been watching this game develop since the announce, and I'm looking forward to it. As far as this article author's opinion, thanks, but I'll make my own opinion. As for as the grind of "Running around killing a set number of 'Flesh Raiders' in a relatively quiet village doesn't seem particularly epic, but that's the route BioWare Austin seems to be taking with the opening areas for the Jedi" I'm sorry, the 20 other people that had access to the game did not percieve the questing in the same way. and for that matter, WoW and every other MMO is nothing but a grind fest from minute one, so your point is?

Bioware (and no I'm not a "fanboy") has been doing nothing but inovate with SWTORO. There to date has been no game or MMO that has gone the route of Fully voiced. There has been no MMO to date that has fully different storylines for each of it's character classes. Yes there will like EVERY OTHER MMO be a grind on some quests, but at least in TORO there is story behind the grind if this author bothered to read, Oops I mean Listen to the quest giver rather than escapeing through the audio...

Comment Another one?!?!? (Score 1) 602

WFT, I might as well just cancel TV :(

Seems like the networks need to get off their arse and change away from the "neilsen ratings" because they apparently SUCK. Clearly all the Grandmothers that are their source base watch nothning but Dancing with Idiots and Crap Scene Ingestion...

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