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Comment Re:Computer games about nutrition instead? (Score 1) 20

This has been around since before WWII and is the reason Hitler became a vegetarian. It's good, but it doesn't work all the time and where it does work they can't explain why.

Gerald Potter figured out the solution in 2007 and his work makes the work described here redudent.

It took 100 years for medical "science" to understand omega-3 oils were a good thing. Hopefully it won't take as long to start treating cancer properly and successfully like a very small number of people already are.

Comment Huh? (Score 1, Funny) 337

Somebody should invent some way to cool the air down. Think of all those poor bakery workers. Oh if only there was some sort of box you could plug into the window and it would make the air colder in the room it was in. Oh wait...

An increasingly obese America is getting too warm when it works? Good God man the temperature is up a degree, have some chips and try to last the night.

Dumbest. Report. Ever. But I can't want to see what they'd say in an ice age. Presumably "oh well, that's it, we're all gonna die then".

Who pays for crap like this?

Comment Re:A couple of points (Score 1) 609

A more prudent course of action would be to have filled it up at the supercharger station. It's night, it's cold, it's the middle of nowhere.

If you're asking to be stuck someplace with not just a new but radically different car, then do exactly what the NYT reported did.

Maybe he wasn't trying to make it look bad. Maybe he was just stupid.

All things being equal, I'd prefer to read car reviews from smart people. It's not like modern day man has no experience with batteries in the iWorld we live in. When is it not better to err on the side of caution?

Comment Re:A couple of points (Score 1) 609

Lithium batteries don't go empty. They cannot be discharged below a certain point, nor can they be charged above a certain point. They burst into flames if you do that.

The controller recognized the low voltage condition and properly shut down the system. He's lucky he got an extra 19 miles out of it, no doubt that's the idiot proofing circuit kicking in ("god protects fools and drunks") and a re-calibration of the idiot-proof circuit to account for NYT reporters is probably at this point a prudent course of action.

Comment Re:A couple of points (Score 1) 609

I drive a diesel and while in Canada there's diesel at every gas station, not so much in the US. When I'm there I fill up at every place that has it. Common sense. Never mind you can always use corn (or any other) oil istead till you can find diesel.

But in a car that you can't just bring a gallon of some liquid to get you going again, well, if it were me I'd want it fully charged at every place I stopped. I can't imagine going 61 miles on a 32 mile charge. And I don't care what anyone said to me; worst case, I'd charge it till it said 70 at least more likely I'd let if have a full charge.

What possible reason could there be to try to drive 61 miles on a 32 hour charge? "They told me it was ok". Sure they did. You got a recording of that?

Comment Re:So he is not using the UN, just the UN (Score 1) 232

Note that the procedure he's using is supposed to be a streamlined cheaper version of going to court. Paul could have done that instead. Rather, he chose the new world order method because it saved him 10X what he paid to WIPO.

Thus proving in a truly free market, the NWO is just another vendor and that libertarians know a bargain when they see one.

Comment Re:So he is not using the UN, just the UN (Score 2, Interesting) 232

Bingo. The procedure he's using comes from WIPO at the behest of the Intellectual Property lobby; it's the method that won out over the free-market alternative. My name is one one of those documents somewhere; I was there.

WIPO is a UN chartered organization.

WIPO is also responsible for the free-market killing nightmare that is ICANN. This began in 1997 when Robert Shaw from the ITU met Albert Tramposch from WIPO and Don Heath from ISOC. Each of them was seeking greater relevance to the net for their organization and they hatched a plan to take control of net administration which led to the "IAHC" committee which the government turned off pretty smartly, then resurrected again as ICANN at the behest of the IP crowd who love the fact there've been no new tlds since 1986 (module the one or two silly ones that have popped up - .coop - please) giving them what they want: "stability", that is no forward movment on Jon Postels 1996 consensus decree to make more, and quickly.

Tramposch got in trouble for this and was replaced. Shaw went on to infiltrate icann by being the point man for creation of the GAC and the asshole behind the plot to convince third world nations to endorse moving administration of the net to the ITU under UN aegis. Heath was more subtle and just made sure everybody he ever knew got a mid six figure salary somehow from all this - a lot of tax records are pubic. And non-trivial in size. Boy there's good money in not making new tlds. Wish I'd thought of that.

Comment Re:The canonical answer is: your own. (Score 1) 70

I'd love to be able to show you numbers but all I can really do is point out I've done this since 93 and it's worked out really well. And I did read some guys analysis of it and he found it to be cheaper, sorry that's the best I can do.

Set up a home server. Make it nice. They drop it off at a buddies. Or send the disk image to the other side of the country to a buddy there. Repeat. Now make one more at home and use that. Get a cable and a dsl connection and you'll have better uptime than Google. Add a sat link if you're really serious and drive it off a solar powered battery array (you can get to 6v bigass lead acid batteries for $200, they're a prewar design that hasn't changed and still work great. If have the bucks (about $500 I think) get a pair of Royce batteries - they don't vent hydrogen and last longer and made to a much much higher standard, the Rolls is implied in my mind) so it'll work even if the power and local isp's are out. It'll be slow and expensive but it's better than not working.

Now make them talk to each other however you like. Or use them manually. Point is, telcos peer circuits, uucp would "pass your mail if you pass mine" so having somebody you really trust keep a server for you works well, you may want to reciprocate you may not, but this is all doable. That is, I've one it and for a long time.

Or find the DHT cloud of your dreams and throw everything in there. There's a thousand ways to slice this but the current commercial ones are the moral equivalent of punched card decks; I wouldn't bother.

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