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Comment Put old biological data online (Score 1) 299

Go through old books and papers - stuff going back to the victorian era is well represented.

Find the animal/plant that interests you and cut out the photos and grab test and curate them properly into the web.

That stuff could very easily go away. A lot of it already has.

I wouldn't pay much attention to copyright either. There's no point in protection of information that goes extinct.

Comment You would ask that question wouldn't you? (Score 1) 1215

I'm probably a good person to ask that question of, it's on my thinkpad despite my starting with Unix in 1977; in my entire professional career as a program I had only one Windows gig the rest was Unix or embedded assembly. I really do c/unix stuff, for work and fun. So why then do I still use XP?

Cause it works finally.

If it were as bad as it were 10 years ago, I'd be using Unix on my laptop, but xp has stopped pissing me off with stupid shit and does the very little I ask of it reasonably well, although my expectations of it are so low I'd be equally happy with a BIOS that boots to a web browser.

It does need daily reboots and sometimes goes for weeks on end without a need for a reboot and (touch wood) doesn't seem to crash any more.

So, under the "don't fix what aint broken" maxim, I'll leave xp on this machine. Would I "upgrade"? Not a chance in hell. If I used anything else I'd put BSD on it instead.

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