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Comment Re:Same as always (Score 1) 680

If your data is too large to transfer over your internet connection, I think you need at least 3 drives. That way, you never have ALL your drives in the same place at the same time, even when backing up. You don't want some power surge to take out your main drive and your off-site backup on the one day the off-site backup is on-site for data transfer.

I keep two drives at home and one at work. Once a week I backup my main drive to the on-site backup. Once a month I bring the backup drive to work and bring the work drive home. Before and after each back-up, I check data integrity using ZFS (I scrub the main drive before back-up, and the back-up drive after back-up). Although you can use any method you like to detect corruption, you definitely need some mechanism to prevent copying a newly corrupted JPG over your good backups.

Sadly, all of the above was learned from real life failures.

Comment Re:Odd List (Score 1) 299

I'm not saying the legislation is good (haven't read it). However, it's not a "self-correcting problem" because many people can't identify a fake. Furthermore, if I fat-finger and buy some jewelry, I may not know that it's fake until after I get the merchandise. There are after the fact remedies, but there is a good argument to be made for preventing these problems in the first place.

Comment Re:Odd List (Score 4, Insightful) 299

What an odd group. Wonder what the common thread is? How is it that these companies cmae together to sign this letter?

It looks like a list of companies that have a lot tied up in their trademarks. Monster Cable is always suing other people over the Monster name. Xerox has always been on the verge of having it's name genericized. Fashion houses have almost their entire value in their brands. At least the tech companies can fall back on their patents to defend their turf.

Comment Re:I've heard that before (Score 1) 440

You think people appreciate the cost of education when their parents pay? No. How about when they take out loans? Most students I know have no idea what their educational debt really means (of course, this is a pervasive problem in our credit card culture). So I guess the only way to properly instill an appreciation for the cost of education would be to force people to work-study or pre-pay their tuition without debt. Unfortunately, while work-study will increase appreciation, it will reduce the amount of time the student has to, you know, study.

Comment Re:Doh (Score 1) 408

Well, if it really bothered you, maybe you'd be more likely to hit mute or change the channel. Then they would lose an advertising opportunity and presumably revenue would go down. On the other hand, maybe the increased volume is effective for the vast majority of people, so they don't mind losing you as a customer.

That said, I think a 50 year problem is worthy of regulation. I'd say the FCC or FTC should do it without congress needing to write a bill, but that kind of thinking doesn't often go over well here.

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