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Comment Re:So Many Missing Links to Choose From (Score 2) 190

No. fact is where we park winner. You drop something from a 110 story building, it falls at the same rate either feather or brick. that's gravity. Gravity is fact.

Why are you so sure that that will be the observed behavior? Gravity is just a theory. Granted, there are a lot of observations that fit the theory, but how can you be absolutely sure that this theory applies at every place and moment? You are basing yourself on a finite number of observations, and the vast majority of these observations are so casual that they wouldn't spot subtle deviations.

Actually, I am sure that if you drop a feather and a brick and a feather from a 110 story building they will not fall at the same rate, and neither of them will fall at a rate or trajectory predicted by gravity.

Comment Re:Branding (Score 4, Insightful) 264

Aww, it seems someone needs a BIIIIIIGGG hug here. Those poor tax payers, they always get the short end of the stick. You want a tissue? Here, take the whole box, you'll need it.

The truth is that in any civilized society everyone is a tax payer, and everyone benefits from those taxes. And yes, there will be some people that get more out of the system than they put into it, but they will be rare, especially if you average over a lifetime, and those rare cases usually have a good reason, such as a severe mental or physical disability.

Respect for your fellow citizen is always good, but people that use food stamps or free medical care also contribute to society, and also deserve respect.

Comment Re:Let's Put This In Perspective (Score 5, Insightful) 251

Aww, come on! Do you really believe that? NOTW are also accused of a whole string of similar hacks on royalty and celebrity phones. One such incident they can explain away, but all of them? Especially because they have a well-deserved reputation for other dirty tricks.

And no, Rupert Murdoch didn't personally hack those phones. Osama Bin Laden also didn't personally fly one of those airplanes. Still, OBL was considered a mass murderer. Rupert Murdoch is no mass murderer, but he IS a ruthless psychopath.

Comment Re:Pffft. (Score 1) 275

Three-day weather forecasts aren't significantly more precise or accurate than what you can get from the farmer's almanacs, or what any intelligent, observant person who's lived in the area for a few years can tell you by virtue of what month it is.

The weather forecast community is claiming that they do far better than that. If you disagree, you'd better back it up with some credible arguments.

Comment Re:Is this the way we want to go? (Score 1) 219

Is concentrating solar power into "power plants" the best way? Wouldn't it make more sense to distribute the collection over a large area, namely every persons house?

As I understand it, this method is cheaper per megawatt than PV panels are, and it is also able to generate energy at night. Downsides are that it works best on a large scale, and that if ever the molten salt would solidify, the plant would be dead. It's also relatively unproven technology that due to the large size requires large investments.

So is this the way to go? It seems to me that there will be circumstances where this makes more sense, and circumstances where PV panels make more sense. Therefore, this loan guarantee looks like excellent use of public money: it puts a little lubrication in the economy where it can do a lot of good, and where the risks are relatively low. I wish all public money was spent so well.

Comment Re:So we have an illegal war in Libya (Score 1) 284

No, he's not a Marxist, he's just Mussolini. Who can't even make the trains run on time, and has us involved in a war in North Africa. Again.

Hmm, Mussolini. Yes, I must say that I see quite some resemblance between current USA and the fascist Italy of Mussolini. But Obama's USA hasn't changed much from GWB's USA, so that would make GWB another Mussolini, no? And based on history, wouldn't it be wise for the US people to vote far more left-wing than they do now? More Marxist, so to say?

Since the USA doesn't have any (passenger) trains to speak of, I'm not sure what you are complaining about. You think Obama should have created a decent train network in the two years he has been in office? That's quite a tall order, and I understand that he at least tried to do something in this area.

Comment Re:So we have an illegal war in Libya (Score 2) 284

But Obama is a Marxist, so anything he does is wonderful.

The funny part is that the left seem to believe that discrediting Palin would help them, whereas the right-wing Americans I know only like Pailn because she pisses off the left so much; they'd never actually vote for her, but she's a useful distraction.

In current US politics Marxist must mean something like `slightly less rightwing than the really extreme rightwingers', because Obama is certainly not anywhere near a real Marxist as we Europeans know the term.

And if Palin is a distraction, exactly what or whom is she distracting from?

Comment Re:WTF? (Score 2) 284

Sorry, but with modern US politics in the state it is in, I really can't tell if you're serious or not. If this is satire it is rather poor quality. If this is a representative opinion of part of the US electorate I think it is time to do a really thorough check of the drinking water. There seems to be a lot of lead in it.

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