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Comment Re:Correction: "We already HOPE that Toutatis ... (Score 2) 256

You make me laugh...Do you suppose the totality of objects in our solar system is known ?

Jeezus, NASA (and others) find new objects of Toutatis's size nearly on a daily basis, how many smaller objects do you think there are , most of which are uncharted - for the obvious reason that they haven't been detected yet?

But, you're confident that some guy at NASA (trying to sound important) "knows" that none of them are going to affect Toutatis's path without telegraphing that information to him first.

Comment Re:In perspective (Score 0) 380

There's no such thing as an accident

A bit harsh when humans are involved.

I'm walking down the street, get 'distracted' by a hot looking girl (oops, forget this is slashdot), and bump into you. You on the other hand were walking down the street towards me, and looking at the Apple Store shop window (proving that you really are a dweeb instead of a geek), and weren't really paying attention to me approaching. Is this an accident ?

Comment It's a crime - the article, that is. (Score 1) 170

I had no idea what this topic was about until I read the article. Even then, I had to ponder how this is an issue I need to be worried about.

My condensed summary of all the findings:

Don't trust product reviews on most websites. The good websites, those that you are probably already using for your online purchases, such as Amazon, offer the most reliable reviews.

I guess being a cynic gets me through most difficult to comprehend issues without even noticing.

Comment Re:Well (Score 2) 103

Moving parts + marine environment = endless well of maintenance and sorrow. My thoughts exactly. It seems these guys haven't spent enough time at sea maintaining mechanical equipment. Anything left in an ocean environment clean enough for it to continue working will be covered with sea critters within months. I don't think there are any materials that have yet proved impervious to natures desire to host life.

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