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Comment Re:Keep flogging the corpse. (Score 2) 321

I really like to old movies. Not because Mark Hamill is such a great actor, because he isn't.

For me the old Star-Wars is a milestone in science-fiction. It was ahead of its time but most of all I liked the magic behind it. People going outside an hammering on things to get the right sound for lasers. Doing pyrotechnics to get the explosions right. Building computers to get consistant camera movement during stop-motion. People building Millennium Falcons in different sizes. Layering massive amounts of asteroids. So no computer shit but everything hand made by pioneering teams. For me there is the magic from Star-Wars, hand-made by humans.

There is no magic when I had to see Jar-Jar and crome textured space ships. All I had thought of was the fact that there was sitting some bored dude behind some CAD desktop who did the computer animations.

Another milestone was Avatar, a lot of real human work and input, computers used getting it on the screen. Also the first (full) CGI movie creating realistic characters and everything going 3D. Not comparing it to Star-Wars but it was a milestone.

I'm not saying that the new movies should be hand made by the production teams burning their fingers because they forgot the play with fire (although it would have its charm) but it should include the epicness of PEOPLE creating a milestone and not a 13 in a dozen Sci-fi flic.

Comment Should atheists create their own religion? (Score 1) 1142

Can the battle against religion actually be won? There seems to be a human tenancy to believe, no matter how un-rational the ideas be. As if humans are very bad at taking ownership of their own actions and need a proxy to take the blame. If this is true then changing society is not enough, you would have to change the raw DNA to get rid of this mentality.

If this is not possible maybe one could exchange the bigger evil with a lesser one. A new atheist religion where people who want to be led are led. Would you like to be the first supernatural atheist if you promise not to be corrupted by the power instilled in you? :)

The more serious thought behind this idea is that an atheist uses reason and honesty to justify his/her ideas, religion does a brain fuck and exploits weaknesses in ones personality like uncertainty, fear and our ego by suggesting that our lives mean more than just a rash on our planet's surface. It is a difficult fight when your opponent is not playing fair.

Comment Re:I'm Telling Dad! (Score 5, Insightful) 116

It IS immature. I believe that the general public (especially Facebook users) does not develop mentally past the 14 year old stage. Sure, people get "older" (if you cut them in half and count the rings) but that doesn't mean they automatically get "wiser". I think the biggest downside here is that those people like to use their birthdate for a measure of respect they should be receiving.

Now get off my lawn!


Submission + - Adobe stops flash player support for Android (

Craefter writes: Adobe has finally seen the same light Steve Jobs already did in 2010 and is now comitted to put flash player in the history books as soon as possible. Adobe will not bring out any supported flash player as of Android 4.1 and will now focus on a desktop-only flash player.

Submission + - Dutch Pirate Party ordered to stop encouragement to circumvent URL filters (

Craefter writes: Brein, the Dutch sock puppet for the entertainment industry, was quick to react to yesterday's fall of the Dutch government by applying for a court order which demands that the Dutch Pirate Party must refrain from encouraging the public to circumvent Internet URL filtering. This would severely hamper the election campaign of the PP for the elections later this year.
What we see here is that the entertainment industry is trying to stifle democratic options in an election campaign. How could we end up in a situation where a couple of companies which only produce movies and music have such an influence on law and democratic processes?

Comment Re:More concerned by the TV companies than hackers (Score 2) 211

I was thinking along the same lines. In the near future you will probably be labled a thief if you don't sit out the commercials and zap to other channels. The content delivery program will also offer you a rebate if the camera on top of the TV detects that you are intently watching the commercial breaks..... and smiling.

Submission + - Megaupload Shut Down (

Nesa2 writes: "Federal prosecutors in Virginia say they have shut down one of the world’s largest Internet file-sharing sites,, and charged its founder and others with violating piracy laws."

Submission + - SOPA author Lamar Smith infringes copyright on his (

Craefter writes: On an earlier version of Lamar Smith's campaign website Lamar himself wasn't too clever by pulling a background image from Flickr without asking or mentioning the original photographer, DJ Schulte.
Vice magazine did a research into any copyright infringement Lamar could have made on his website and found one in violation of the Creative Commons.


Submission + - Germans increase office efficiency with 'cloud cei ( 1

Griller_GT writes: According to the top researchers of the Fraunhofer-Institut für Arbeitswirtschaft und Organisation (IAO) in Stuttgart, the human mind is set up to work at its best under the open sky, with changing illumination caused by clouds passing overhead. The unvarying glare of office lighting is sub-optimal, therefore, and in order to wring the last ounce of efficiency from German workers whose productivity has already been pushed to unprecedented heights they have decided to rectify this.

Submission + - Looking back at the Commodore 64 (

An anonymous reader writes: It's the 30th anniversary of the Commodore 64 this week — news that has made more than a few gaming enthusiasts feel their age. This story looks back at some of the peculiarities that made the machine so special — a true mass-market computer well into the era where a computer in every home was a novelty idea, not a near reality.

Comment Don't blame Canada (Score 1) 561

I can't say I'd blame them. As long as there are other countries gaining an economic advantage at the cost of environmental damage then I don't see that another country should pick up their crap and decrease their export because it's so cheap to produce in such "dirty" countries.

As long as there is such an active oil lobby and alternative energy sources like nuclear fusion is being treated like something from Star-Trek I don't see any short term improvement by forcing countries to reduce their carbon footprint.

BTW: Has Canada been given the favor they their trees are eating up a lot of the world's carbon dioxide and producing oxygen? Prolly the next thing scientists are coming up with is that oxygen is making global warming even worse.

Comment The meaning of identity will change (Score 2) 553

If commercial and governmental entities keep pushing us in a direction where are forced to use our real life identity then I believe the meaning of identity will change.

Just because I happen to live in a country, have a bank account there and have a VISA card means I have a valid identity? I can even have officially my name changed. Is that the true meaning of identity?

I think it won't be long before the Coconut Islands will begin to offer identities for $50,- per month. You can get to choose your name, get a passport and a bank account. Installation fee: $75,- and renaming cost you only $25,- plus shipping charges for your new passport.

Who said you can't have multiple identities? In the internet we already had them for a long time in less official form of nicknames. Even artists have a artist identity to protect their private lives for the public. Also forbidden in the future?

If you squeeze tight enough people will run through your fingers.

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