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Comment Don't blame Canada (Score 1) 561

I can't say I'd blame them. As long as there are other countries gaining an economic advantage at the cost of environmental damage then I don't see that another country should pick up their crap and decrease their export because it's so cheap to produce in such "dirty" countries.

As long as there is such an active oil lobby and alternative energy sources like nuclear fusion is being treated like something from Star-Trek I don't see any short term improvement by forcing countries to reduce their carbon footprint.

BTW: Has Canada been given the favor they their trees are eating up a lot of the world's carbon dioxide and producing oxygen? Prolly the next thing scientists are coming up with is that oxygen is making global warming even worse.

Comment The meaning of identity will change (Score 2) 553

If commercial and governmental entities keep pushing us in a direction where are forced to use our real life identity then I believe the meaning of identity will change.

Just because I happen to live in a country, have a bank account there and have a VISA card means I have a valid identity? I can even have officially my name changed. Is that the true meaning of identity?

I think it won't be long before the Coconut Islands will begin to offer identities for $50,- per month. You can get to choose your name, get a passport and a bank account. Installation fee: $75,- and renaming cost you only $25,- plus shipping charges for your new passport.

Who said you can't have multiple identities? In the internet we already had them for a long time in less official form of nicknames. Even artists have a artist identity to protect their private lives for the public. Also forbidden in the future?

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