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Comment "It's a moment in time, not an actual problem" (Score 1) 675

Other famous Microsoft Moments In Time (MMITs) that were not Actual Problems:

= 8.3 filenames
= Microsoft Bob
= Windows XP security
= Microsoft Windows Vista, *.*
= Microsoft advertisement in which Seinfeld asks Bill Gates to "adjust his shorts"
= Microsoft Zune, whether brown or not
= Chief Executive Orificer, Squirts Ballmer, *.*
= Microsoft advertisement for the Surface tablet in which ungraceful, robotic people coordinate senseless movements that no one would ever do in reality... if anyone bought a Surface tablet in reality

Comment "mortally wounded" Microsoft (Score 1) 375

at this point it may not matter. microsoft may already be mortally wounded like Motorola was a couple of years ago.

I don't love Microsoft, its tools, its "solutions", its idiotic advertising, or Squirts Ballmer, but you need to evaluate reality more accurately.

Microsoft is a large, rich, powerful company with a MONOPOLY. They have a pinhead for a Chief Executive Orificer and they are having difficulty finding new successes in a difficult economic climate. They are not alone. BUT... It would take catastrophic global circumstances on a scale yet unseen to wound Microsoft mortally.

Comment Linus offers not to curse. Merry Xmas! (Score 5, Funny) 86

And because I'm dragging it out for another week, I'm going to be
*very* bitter if anybody sends me pull requests this late in the game
that aren't for major issues. If you send me small irrelevant stuff
that doesn't fix major issues (oopses, security, things like that),
I'm going to curse at you

In the spirit of forgiveness and magnanimity, Linus has offered not to call anyone a "fucking moron who should kill himself" this Christmas.

Don't screw up the peace and goodwill, people, or there will be hell to pay!


Submission + - Intel to use soldered CPUs; end of PC building? (

Dystopian Rebel writes: ZDNET reported that Intel will sell the next-generation Broadwell CPUs as a ball grid array (BGA) rather than an land grid array (LGA) package. In short, Broadwell CPUs will be soldered onto the circuit board. The article mentions that Apple now has RAM soldered onto the mainboard of some PC products. Is this the end of hobbyist PC building and upgrading? Will AMD find new support from hobbyists and OEM builders?

Comment Re:Regular universities don't sell you the knowled (Score 2) 98

Research opportunities -- maybe at the PhD level, but the private sector doesn't like to hire software PhDs for a good reason.

Highly skilled mentors and teachers -- who are counting on their university pensions instead of learning what's happening in the real world of software development. I don't blame them for seeking safety, but let's not pretend that 90% of professors are "highly skilled mentors and teachers".

Real-world community -- of people who are just as lost. Might as well used Reddit.

Regular social contact with relatively capable people -- Based on statistical understanding alone, I must declare this point to be bovine excrement.

Comment "Computer prowess that Bill Gates would envy" (Score 3, Funny) 187

Oh, so the villain in this movie goes *further* than creating a monopoly, using its power to force suppliers to put competitors out of business, using a file-system hack to implement long filenames, having Notepad write a BOM to UTF-8 files, and, finally, choosing Ballmer to run the business into the ground?

How will Bond ever defeat a villain with such technical skill?

Comment If Dawkins and Torvalds did a mind-meld (Score 1) 862

Dawkalds-Torvins: It's very evident that Representative Paul Broun is a fucking moron who should kill himself. Only fucking morons would vote for a fucking moron like that. There was a rather amusing tweet I saw on Twitter, which went something like this. "[Patient:] Doctor, I think smearing chocolate on my teeth is a good way to keep them healthy. [Doctor:] Here's a punch in the mouth, you fucking moron!" Whom do I have to fuck to make people understand that there is no controversy about evolution? It's a fact, demonstrated beyond all possible doubt by scientific evidence. If you look at the evidence and don't see that it's an absolutely secure fact, you are a fucking moron who probably would like using Gnome.

Comment from the IBM Blue Ballmer Translator... (Score 4, Funny) 133

Input: "Where we see important opportunities to set a new standard, yeah we'll dive in."

Output: "We'll copy any product if it's a chance to make money. And if we can figure out how to squirt Windows into it, we'll do that, too."

The IBM Blue Ballmer Project is an artificial intelligence computer system capable of translating statements made in the unnatural language of Microsoft Chief Executive Orificer Steve Ballmer.

Comment Pry XP from cold, stiff fingers (Score 5, Insightful) 727

XP is still common at work because

a) it is fast even on old hardware,

b) it is supported by at least one good, secure Web browser (hint: not MSIE),

c) it supports about 15 years worth of professional applications (some of which are not available anymore), and

d) upgrading == (pain + time) && (upgrading != c)

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