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Comment Re:Do you actually believe their claims? (Score 1) 180

Between the rambling composition and dozens of typos, I'm really not sure what the point of that last post was. I'm guessing it was some sort of rebuttal to my assertation that th powerPC was a dead platform for desktop consumers.

MS is some pathetic company who can't even compile things for PowerPC, a 32/64bit CPU

Can't and won't are entirely different. Maintaining a branch of a software project takes time and money. Since very few people use powerPC now and even fewer will in the future, the project will be better off by devoting those resources to something that will actually be used. (Also, just FYI the number of bits the processor supports isn't really relevent to this discussion so you can probably skip typing it out each time :p )

Comment Re:Silverlight couldn't be a Flash rival,thanks to (Score 3, Interesting) 180

their V2 dropped support for PowerPC macs which several people

So Silverlight can't possibly compete with flash because it doesn't support a hardware platform that hasn't been produced in 5 years now and already has negligible market share?

In Silverlight V3, things getting even more complex as the Win32/64 Silverlight V3 has more features than OS X 32/64 one

The only differences I'm aware of between mac and windows silverlight 3 are quite trivial

While mentioned, where is the iPhone/Symbian and even Windows Mobile support?

In the works . Admittedly, MSFT is dissapointingly behind schedule on this front.

Some of your complaints with Silverlight have merit. It isn't perfect yet, but it has made remarkable progress in the 2 years it has been out and most certailnly is a rival to flash. Flash had an 11 year head start and Silverlight already does just about everything it does and a few things better. Silverlight lags behind flash in market penetration and platform support, but at the rate it is going, it will catch up quite soon.

Comment Re:Acrobat and Flash (Score 1) 180

Whatever happened to applets and javascript?

Applets got a (mostly undeserved) reputation for being slow and unwieldy and a (mostly deserved) reputation for having security/runtime issues. Javascript lacks a ton of the features flash/silverlight have, isn't really all that fast, and making it cross browser compatible can be a real bear.

Whats the problem with Silverlight other then you don't like the company that made it? It's fast, secure, full featured, and works just fine in all the browsers people actually use.


Simple, Free Web Remote PC Control? 454

MeatballCB writes "Hey folks. Being the 'technical' guy of the family, I often get calls from friends and family members when they're having PC issues. Most of these folks are not technical, so trying to troubleshoot problems over the phone can often be a challenge. Anyone know of a simple-to-use and (preferably) free service that would allow for remote viewing/control of their PCs? I know there's WebEx and GoToMyPC, but I hate to pay for something I'd use once every two months. I also know about VNC, but trying to walk someone through opening up ports on their router that thinks their Internet is broken when their homepage gets changed is not realistic. Anyone know of anything that would be easy to set up and use?"

Comment BFD (Score 2, Interesting) 251

I really don't see why everybody is acting like the sky is falling over this. The level of cross platform compatibility is not changing in any significant way. Virtually nobody is going to use the Windows only com automation. It only works in a full trust out of browser Silverlight app. 99.5% of Silverlight use is in browser and of that remaining 0.5% most are partial trust apps. I can't think of why somebody with these requirements wouldn't just use WPF honestly.

Here's a more comprehensive listing of the changes to come.

Comment Re:History (Score 3, Informative) 251

Try developing some stuff in Silverlight and see if you can claim using the above technologies is anywhere near as fast/easy/reliable/etc with a straight face. XHTML+CSS is a huge pain in the ass compared to Xaml. Javascript is slower, harder to maintain, and has less features then C# + .Net. I've been a Silverlight developer for a year now and can't believe I used to use anything else.

Comment Re:I've nearly last count... (Score 1) 958

Other than severely over-stretching themselves with credit, or not having their child benefit from having a parent at home during their early years, I don't know how some people manage the lifestyles they do.

Don't breed. I didn't and I have have sufficient extra time and money for travel without debt (aside from a fairly ordinary mortgage payment).

Comment Re:Thats kind of scarry (Score 1) 140

The platform that Microsoft (and others) provide is one in which they don't respect that cold hard fact. They refuse to respect it. In physical terms, it would be like renting a place and the landlord can come in and take out furniture and property at their whim. Sure, Microsoft is offering a refund. I don't care. I still had to come home to find my couches missing.

If your landlord finds water streaming out from under your doors into the hallway, s/he will go in and disable whatever water related appliance is causing the issue. Your right to flood your living space is superseded by everybody else's right to not be flooded. Similarly, if a computer application is causing wide spread problems for other people, I won't shed tears for people having that app taken away and a refund given. This sort of system can be abused, but as it is currently intended, it should be fine.

Comment Re:Gangs are the root. Legalization is the pestici (Score 1) 640

You aren't ever going to win the battle against weeds by cutting the leaves off. You need to pull the plant out by the root.

I'm no botanist, but I'm pretty sure most plants die if you cut all their leaves off. But yes I agree with your larger point. Unless a legitimate trade can be established, this will do nothing to stop the illegitimate trade.

Comment Re:The thing about a carbon tax... (Score 0, Flamebait) 425

and you're 1/300 millionth the cause of this nations financial problems.

If everybody bitches about 100% of taxes and only 20% of expenditures, we'll still have 80% of the expenses which eventually we'll have to pay for. Only because we bitched about every tax, good taxes won't get passed significantly more then bad taxes.

Contrast that with a system whereby people bitch about 50% of expenditures and 50% of taxes. We would then have 50% of the expenses to be paid, and they would be funded by the 50% of the tax proposals that made sense and didn't get bitched about.

The amount the government spends is based on the number of projects people approve. Trying to starve the government into inaction by complaining about taxes will just give you a screwed up tax system, a lot of debt, and no appreciable reduction in spending.

Comment Re:The thing about a carbon tax... (Score 1) 425

If they get more money, they spend more money, period.

Hence my recommendation that we start complaining about the government spending money. The fact remains that the government does some worthwhile things that we need to fund. Taxes such as this carbon one are a sensable way of funding them. Categorically complaining about every tax and not complaining about many real expenditures is what has caused us to be so debt ridden.

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