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I see a lot of people posting, but very few people actually trying to address your problem.

The fact is when you're at sea you'll be away from any kind of reasonably priced internet service. It's just a fact. No land lines on the open ocean, and bi-directional sat service is expensive.

Cruising sailors / powerboaters are usually stuck with either paying insane amounts for some kind of real time bi-directional satlink (which is what the ship has) or spending a lot less for some sort of Store and Forward satellite system.

Another option open to cruisers is using HF radio and RTTY to send email around. Slow, but surprisingly reliable. That'd require either a marine HF, or a Ham Radio license, and the appropriate hardware.

None of those may be an option for you.

There is a product called Sailmail that might suit your needs. Essentially a little hand held device that has an accoustic coupler in it. Call into the server to send and receive your mail over any phone.

Ultimately, I'll give you one piece of advice. Namely: For waht you need, forget Slashdot. You'll get more people talking about how many seconds a day 100 minutes works out to. Try something like the user forums over on Cruising World or any of the other cruising / sailing forums.

Talk to people who actually know the subject matter at hand.

and enjoy the semester.

The Courts

Submission + - Man Sues Viacom for Sponge Bob Rights

mposth writes: "A Bay Area man is suing Viacom for $1.6 billion over rights to Sponge Bob Square Pants. Cartoonist Troy Walker claims he created Bob Spongee, an unemployed cartoon sponge, in 1991. Walker created a comic strip and sold 1,000 "Bob Spongie" dolls. Viacom's attorneys have said in court documents that "Sponge Bob" is different from "Bob Spongee." But Walker says: "It is more than ironic that two working class sponges are named Bob. Both characters are unemployed. Both characters live in a house concept.'' Walker filed a lawsuit in U.S. District Court in San Francisco against Nickelodeon, Viacom Inc., Paramount Studios and Stephen Hillenburg, the creator of SpongeBob. Just Tuesday, Viacom slammed Google's YouTube with a $1 billion copyright infringement suit. ocal/16872168.htm"
Wireless Networking

Submission + - 7 Steps to Safer WiFi

ancientribe writes: We've all done it: You need quick access to email, so you jump on that free WiFi connection at the local coffee shop, the airport, or a conference hotel. What are the chances you'll get hacked, anyway? Truth is, if you use unsecured WiFi in the clear, without any encryption or security, you're asking for it. This Dark Reading article provides 7 security measures you can take to stay secure on a public WiFi connection. 473&WT.svl=news1_1

Submission + - EFF forces DMCA abuser to apologize

destinyland writes: "The EFF just announced victory over a serial abuser of DMCA copyright notices. To set an example, their settlement required Michael Crook to record a video apology to the entire internet for interfering with free speech. He's also required to withdraw every bogus DMCA notice, and refrain from future bogus notices, never contest the original image again, and take a remedial class on copyright law. He'd attempted to use flaws in the DMCA to censor an embarrassing picture of himself that he just didn't want appearing online — but instead the whole thing backfired."

Submission + - SETI@Home is now the World's Fastest Supercomputer

jemecki writes: I was looking through the distributed computing statistics at BOINCstats today and I noticed that SETI@Home distributed computing grid just passed 280 TeraFLOPS in computing power. The reason this is so remarkable is that the fastest supercomputer in the world Blue Gene/L ALSO operates at a sustained 280 TeraFLOPS. So while governments are busy using their supercomputers to model bombs and nuclear weapons, the geeks have put together the world's fastest computer and they're using it to look for aliens. Awesome.

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