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Comment Re:So many extinction level events yet we linger (Score 1) 451

We do in fact have absolute assloads of easily accessible coal. It is bad from a pollution standpoint, but in a world where it is raining dilute sulfuric acid and ash for a decade or so we won't care much. Coal will suffice for a mid- to late-19th century level of technology within a fairly short period of time. The much greater problm is we will all die of starvation before that.

Comment Re:I'm entirely inclined to believe Watts (Score 1) 1079

One hundred percent this. My wife is a Canadian citizen and we used to go see her parents in Toronto by bus, but after our last trip back through the US border on our way home we have agreed that we will never cross by land ever again. We will just have to save up a bit more and take the plane, where for some reason the border guards are somewhat better behaved, maybe because they are dealing with people who can afford plane tickets. They are simply animals at the land crossings though. Sadistic animals. I have more then once watched them pretty much abusing old people they knew spoke very limited/no English simply because they were brown. The Canadian agents, by contrast, have been almost unfailingly polite to me, even the one trip I realized that I had left my passport 12 hours away in NYC. I showed the guard the ring I was planning to propose with instead :)

Comment Re:What are we even fighting for? (Score 1) 627

He obviously thinks we should 'win' like Alexander 'won' in the area now known as Afghanistan, i.e. by killing every male inhabitant between 8 and 80. This is of course a silly course of action, along the lines of the famous Vietnam quote about having to destroy the village in order to save it. This is why foreign policy should not be planned by the moral equivalent of Internet Toug Guys.

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