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Comment Re:WTF (Score 1) 814

If you don't give a shit, then why are you putting up a fuss about it?

Well, the government just passed "gender adjustment surgery" legislation last week around here. So, now my taxes are going to be used to pay to sexually mutilate the mentally ill. I'm kind of pissed off about it, frankly. So, I come to Slashdot looking for technical news, there's an article about how rotten I am because I don't build databases to cater to the sensibilities of these mentally ill people.

Why can't you freaks just quietly live out your strange little existence without making such an annoyance of yourselves? A decade ago, I used to say "they're not causing trouble, just leave them alone". Now, all I think to myself is "they're perverting our entire society, and driving me crazy with their constant drama, will someone please just shut them the fuck up".

Comment Re:Keep Some Rules In Mind (Score 1) 254

All you have to do to avoid system("rm...") is "man 2 unlink". There's a C API call for every function the OS can perform., It's just a matter of knowing about it or bothering to spend a second googling it. Though google wasn't really an option when some of these things were written. "apropos rm" would probably turn up "man 2 unlink" too, if you knew about apropos.

Comment Re:And AMBER alerts .... (Score 2) 199

And do what? Do you actually read the license plates of cars you pass? And even if you do would you recognize that it was the same as a random string of letters and numbers of your phone?

As for the children- don't get me wrong, if I hear a child screaming "Get away from me, you're not my daddy" or "help I'm being kidnapped" I'll intervene. Short of that- do you stare at every little kid you see to check if they match the very vague description sent to your phone? Do you know the number of false positives and wasted police effort you'd cause if you did?

Nope, the AMBER alert stuff is useless. There's a point in emergency weather notices and major traffic conditions (flash floods, closed roads from earthquakes/rockslides, tornados, a bridge has collapsed, etc). There's a use for presidential (hey, we're at war and China is launching aircraft at us, you guys on the west coast go hide). The amber stuff is just feel good uselessness.

Comment Re:Mass SMS? (Score 0) 199

You're perpetuating a fallacy yourself. They aren't building a system to do this- the system already exists. So those fixed costs are already paid for, and would be paid for regardless of this service because it provides other profitable services. So the marginal costs are all that matters, unless we get to the point where the bandwidth used by SMS is enough to require additional hardware to be built (which for SMS is never going to happen).

If they had another way to monetize that small amount of bandwidth used you may have an opportunity cost of using the bandwidth in this. But the fixed costs don't factor in.

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