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Comment Re:So... Question, (Score 1) 1232

I'll tell ya what, I'll gladly give up my revolver if the US government can rid my entire state of illegal drugs. Hell, lets go smaller, just the few counties around me of all illegal drugs. I'll even give up the bullets if they can just stop the meth trade in my county.

Show me one instance where outlawing something didn't make it more popular and easier to acquire.

Comment Re:More Irrational Gun Nuts (Score 4, Insightful) 1232

The first amendment now means all government records should be public? I don't think anyone is denying the right of the people to publish any information they can legally obtain. Instead the argument is that the information should not be public. That in no way violates the first amendment. Unless you think the CIA should just be a web forum where we can all pitch in.

Comment Re:Yay (Score 1) 2987

For the record, I do not support NRA. I was a member for 1 year. After reading the literature they sent me and the fear mongering contained within. I did not renew my membership and I feel they do more harm then good. The real awakening for me was the letter I got from them that said the very fact Obama has not banned all guns is proof that he wants to and will ban all guns if I vote for him.

I support the rights of private citizens to be allowed to act responsibly and to be allowed to be responsible for their own lives and safety. I do not and will never again support the NRA.

Comment Re:And yet... (Score 1) 2987

Really, I used carry one around all the time. How else would I get it to class? I've even had to tell a officer I had one in a traffic stop. Hee asked, "Are there any weapons in the vehicle?" I replied, "Yes officer, I am wearing a 9mm and there is a katana in the back seat." He didn't bat an eye. He secured my weapons, wrote me a ticket for speeding and returned it to me. I don't carry that gun on me "just because I like it". I carry a gun for the same reason I carry a tool set and first aid kit in my trunk or have a fire extinguisher in my kitchen.

To your armed response, if I take my gun out and wave it around, I'm going to get a armed response from the police, maybe tased, probably shot. The amount of damage a person can do with either really comes down to location, determination, and planning. Active shooters tend to pick a location with low security, tons of people, and they tend to plan to do the most damage possible.

Without guns, maybe they can't shoot people in a movie theater, but they could build a bomb, or drive their car though a starbucks at lunchtime. And to hell with blunting the sword, it would make the cost of the blade silly and I wouldn't be able to use it anymore. I bought it to learn to use it, that means cutting! Nothing in life is safe. The problem is everyone confuses responsible owners with people who illegally acquire weapons and use them illegally. I have no problem with laws punishing the illegal use of weapons or laws that punish gun owners for not responsibly securing and managing the use of their weapon. My guns are locked up tight and my ammo is secured in a separate room and again locked up tight. I don't have kids, but I still take the responsibility very seriously. This is no different then the responsibility of owning anything dangerous, be it dogs, turkey friers, heavy machinery, etc.

Ultimately the "Think of the children" argument could be used for anything. Video games, booze, drugs, freedom of speech, etc. I see no reason to restrict the rights of lawful citizens because of the actions of unlawful ones. Instead, I say we punish unlawful citizens more harshly and enforce our laws with more zeal.

Comment Re:And yet... (Score 1) 2987

This argument is a silly one. Swords were designed for the singular purpose of killing nothing but humans on a battlefield.

Should we ban swords from being owned? Even though the use of them has now been adapted into safe and casual recreational activities? I own quite a few firearms, some for historic reasons, most for sport reasons, 1 for defense reasons.

I have never used a gun for killing yet I use guns almost twice a week. Intended purpose should be very little to the people who frequent these kind of websites. We are people who repurposed whistles from cereal boxes, we are people who revel in any kind of 'hack' that makes something become more than was intended, anything that brings enrichment or hobbyism to things that were once relegated to enterprise or even military.

Yes, guns are dangerous in the wrong hands, but what the fuck isn't? Yes this is a horrible tragedy and I feel greatly for those victims. I want to know how this guy acquired the guns in question, what the warning signs were and how we can safeguard ourselves without trampling on the rights of everyone who's not crazy. I also want justice for the families involved.

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